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How to Install Add-Ons for Blender on Google Colab – Blender LuxCore Tutorial

In this blender tutorial, I will be showing you how to install third party blender add-ons on google Colab. I will be installing the LuxCore Render add-on and rendering an example scene by artist, Simon Wendsche. This example shows LuxCore render engine’s ability to render thin film effects. But it is also capable of rendering realistic caustic effects.

Download Code here:

Introduction: 00:04
Start 00:56
Example Scene 02:41
Writing Python Script 03:18
Finish Python Script 08:22
Run Code on Colab 09:09
Install Add-On on Colab 09:52
Finished Render 12:46


  1. hey, I followed all the steps but it tells me:
    ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libtcmalloc_minimal.so.4.3.0' from LD_PRELOADcannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.

    the same error appears twice, in the first and second line, then the same as you, why?

  2. where is the code?
    I can't find the Blender addon note

  3. the process of creating the script file / opening it via sudo command and everything is run through a bit too quick for me :((((((

  4. sudo: ./blender-3.0.0-linux-x64/blender: command not found

  5. Definitely amazing.. Is there any way to use octene on google colab

  6. ¿ could not import pyluxcore?,,, solution

  7. some one have the code, the page of github its down

  8. Has anyone tried to render a vfx in colab?
    Because rendering a vfx.blend file on a different machine as colab, makes you loose the motion tracking of the background sequence (i tried to change the file path, of the sequence, in the vfx.blend file, putting the one i've upload on the colab machine, but it still loose the tracking) so at the end it render the vfx.blend but without the background scene

  9. Man and here I thought it was drag and drop addons into your google drive ;_; weeps lmao

  10. What is the file format of the "addon_enable" script file? It is giving error when running in collab

  11. plz, make this video up to date. I can't find anything after hovering addons. and what to do with polygon Material Converter addon? they don't have Linux zip files. plz help me

  12. After hovering no pop-up is showing. how to fix this?

  13. Quick questions. When running script in blender and installing add-ons, do you need to install each add on and do you need to have the add on file, saved in the google drive along with luxcore linux and the blend file you want to render? Also, do you need to save each add-on individually typing the "save userfpref" script or can you run the install and enable scripts for all the add ons and then after all them, add the "save userfpref" script?

  14. Hello sir, I'm using the Leomoon counter text animation add-on and it doesn't have a Linux version. Please do I get a solution for this?

  15. Cool!
    Can this be usable with Blender 3.0?

  16. Hello sir, please my blender file is filled with text, images planes.. when I try to render, it say part or directory not seen. How can I solve this ?

  17. Hi, thanks so much for your effort and time in uploading your tutorials.
    Could you please include a link to the complete ipynb script as shown in your video please?
    Tried to run it, but for some reason it gets hooked when trying to load the Luxcore script.. No idea why.. Is google colab working properly?
    The error I get is:

    Thanks so much.

  18. Failed to create CUDA context (Unknown error)
    Invalid value in cuCtxPushCurrent(device->cuContext) (intern/cycles/device/cuda/util.cpp:26)


  19. @Micro Singularity that not working with ProRender. I can't install this render engine on Google Colab. Please make a tutorial video about how to do this!

  20. Its near IMPOSSIBLE to to this now due to the fact the original files have been updated to support cyclesX, Its really hard to set up now because of it.

    Could you possibly upload these files so people can use it easily? it'd be a great help.

  21. The one before last step is not working for me, it says file not found, why? any idea?
    Edit : I mean the step where it should enable the LuxCore addon, it opens Blender but it can't open the addon file.

  22. thank you!! the older version of render via google colab won't even use the gpu when i try to render a blend file, i hope this will work.

  23. Great Tutorial. Thank you so much

  24. Hey man! Thank you for this tutorial but i was getting a error while using normal cycles x, i mean no fluid animation or anything, it was a simple scene!… The error is something like Device does not support queues, I've got this error so many times idk what's the problem…

  25. Thank you so much!, i have a question why i cant render it? it writes "F0828 03:43:11.489691 331 device.cpp:323] Device does not support queues."

  26. Thank you. Have a question: Why doesn't render with OPTIX? Writes "device does support queues"

  27. whenever i try and render something using colab, it always says device not supported? i've tried different kinds of tutorials on blender x colab but it always comes down to the device not being supported

  28. Louder please. Way to quiet.

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