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How to Install & Configure MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) on Windows 10 (2021 Tutorial)


1. Open Link and Download:
Source Code [mrtg-2.17.4.zip or higher]: https://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/pub/
ActivePerl: http://www.activestate.com/store/activeperl/download/

2. Create a new folder ex. “www” on C drive local storage

3. Settings – Apps & Features – Optional Features – Install SNMP

4. WIN+R – services.msc – Service – SNMP Service Properties:
– Traps – [Set the default IP Address & Community Name to Public] – Security [Make sure accept SNMP packets from these hosts]

Note: To find network IP address, go to Control Panel – Network & Security – Network Sharing Center – Change Adapter settings – WiFi – Details – IPv4

5. Go to command shell and type [check if everything is installed properly]: “perl mrtg”

This should give you a friendly error message complaining about the missing MRTG configuration file. Now, you have successfully installed MRTG and Perl.

6. The first thing we do in setting up MRTG is making a default config file:

Go to command prompt and change to the: “cd mrtgmrtg-2.17.4bin” directory.

Type the following command on the directory: “perl cfgmaker public@localhost –global “WorkDir: c:www” –output server.cfg”

Note: If you get an error message complaining about no such name or no response, your community name is probably wrong.

7. Command Prompt: “perl mrtg server.cfg”

8. Open: “www” – and look at the graphs at localhost

9. Open: mrtg – mrtg-2.17.4 – bin – server
Below #cgfmaker, type: “RunAsDaemon: yes”

10. Command Prompt: “perl mrtg server.cfg”
Wait a few hours and do not turn off the command prompt or mrtg will die
This is to make sure it captures the routine in the graph

11. Open the graphs and view the results


  1. Thank you. There is a typo.
    Below #cfgmaker, type: "RunAsDaemon: yes"

  2. nice work! It helped a lot! Thank you!

  3. HI Mario great work. Is there a way to arrange these different graphs in one browser tabs ? I fetched graph from Cisco Switch for various ports. i wish to club them into one Browser Tab. Thanks you in advance.

  4. thanks a lot dude you saved my career!

  5. Why my mrtg file only have 3 icons of png without any HTML file.What should I do?

  6. I can not download activestate perl. please suggest me

  7. Very Helpful, Love from Bangladesh

  8. Baru ini video tutorial MRTG yg bikin saya paham.. wkwk

  9. Mikrotik DUDE server / MRTG Full videos uploads pls

  10. Hello Sir, How about microwave ?
    Can we add for monitor?

  11. very nice. keep going. Thanks.

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