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How To Install Mac OS 9 In OS X Using SheepShaver

In this video, I show you how to use the SheepShaver emulator to install classic Mac OS 8 or Mac OS 9 on your modern macOS computer. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. I hope this video helps you! If you have any questions, please leave a comment. I hope this video helps you!



  1. For anyone who was wondering how to install applications and games in SheepShaver once you have Mac OS installed, check out my new video showing you how to do this! It can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrOVIm3S-Tc.

  2. Amazing! But also wondering how to get sound? 🤔

  3. You have made my day young man! Great job and future success to you.

  4. so the new versions of sheep shaver don't seem to work for me. see it doesn't come in a zip anymore innit so I put the app and the rom in the folder and it still screwed up and crashed 🙁

    could you help?

  5. The volume of your video is too low.

  6. This man is amazing at teaching this.

  7. yeah, put a image of mac os 9.2.2 running on your video cover. false marketing!

  8. Thank you for sharing. I have a question. I put the rom files, but Sheepshaver doesn't open. It just closes again. I used newworld and oldworld rom files. Can you help me out? Thanks

  9. One of the best and most straightforward tutorials I've ever watched.

  10. Thank you, worked for me on the M1 MacBook Air. 🙂

  11. You made a very informative video.

  12. This tutorial is 10/10 – absolutely flawless.

  13. This video helped so much! Thank you for making it!

  14. i cant find an unzip app that will work in snow leopard

  15. HI

    I have done this before, but i picked up a beautiful inter core2duo macbook, reinstalled osx 10.6 and decided to add os9 for older games ( plus minivmac )

    5 years later your tutorial is still workable and i just followed your walk through and got it working

    Thanks again


  16. Hi can’t seem to get this to work on. Powermac G5 dual 2 (late 2005 model) I get up to the part but don’t get the message on screen that says “The system software on the startup disk only functions on the original media…..”. Anyone know if I’m doing something wrong? Thanks

  17. You have no idea how many people you’ve helped with this video. Thank you!

  18. Thanks a lot for this "step by step" tutorial! Now I can work again with Freehand and export the final job to Illustrator… 😉

  19. Hi. I followed each of your steps, until it the part at 9:37. When I reopened SheepShaver, it still showed the file with the question mark. So frustrating!!! Please help! I'm using El Capitan, by the way.

  20. THANK YOU for creating this video. This really helped me out.

  21. I do on my early 2009 Macbook and works perfectly, and i can play some games on it, thanks for the tutorial!

  22. Worked the first time through. Thank you!

  23. Excellent tutorial. Thank you, very much.

  24. Hi Alex, I'm having problems with the Apple MacOS 9.0.4.iso file. My computer can't open it somehow. Whenever I click on it, a small window pops up with the message "The following disk images couldn't be opened. no mountable file systems". Do you know how to fix this?

  25. I don't understand why you don't have more subscribers than you do. You are a life saver. Keep doing these videos!!!

  26. it opens up and then emedeintly coloses

  27. Hey! I'm getting stuck on the part after I download the ROM. SheepShaver will still not open even though I have renamed it to Mac OS ROM. Any ideas?

  28. I just tried to do it on macOS Big Sur, but SheepShaver never open, I put the correct name to the ROM file and it didn't work… does any one have the same problem?

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