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How to Fix Elbow Popping Sounds in 30 SECONDS

Dr. Rowe shows how to fix elbow popping, clicking, and snapping sounds AT HOME.

This video will be broken up into an EASY, effective step-by-step guide that’s going to target the main causes of pop and crack sounds in (and around) the elbow.

We’re going to tackle a huge culprit of a popping elbow sounds, which is muscle tightness and irritation to the muscle tendons. We’ll do this with a simple and effective self massage that may help loosen everything up and get the arm and elbow moving more smoothly.

Also, we’ll focus on a big instigator of elbow popping and clicks: lack of joint mobility. Easy traction (pulling) stretching exercises are shown that will help improve movement, and help with issues such as tendonitis, osteoarthritis, and crepitus.

As a BONUS, we’ll focus on fixing imbalances and weakness (which may lead to pops and cracks) in the the muscles of the arm with strengthening exercises.

WATCH now and get rid of elbow popping sounds for good!

0:00 Intro
0:39 The Spoon Fix
3:56 Anywhere Elbow Fix
5:52 Muscle Peanut Fix
8:55 Elbow Traction Exercise
11:25 The Hammer Fix


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  1. 👉👉 Let us know how this worked for you in the comments section. We appreciate it!

    👉 Have a suggestion for a future video? Please leave it below.

  2. I literally knows where it pops but I can never fix it or find similar case on the internet… It's so frustrating

  3. Wow the anywhere elbow fix gave me such a deep stretch! I never realized that was causing me issues! I should start working out my forearms.


  5. Got rid of this popping elbow after taking alcohol

  6. How often would you recommend I do these exercises?

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU , I am a medium level body builder living in Spain . 3 weeks ago i started having a loud elbow clicking without any pain , so went to see a traumatologist , he advised me to put an ice bag 2 times daily which i did for 2 weeks now , but the clicking did not go away at all , so i tried your method , and a miracle happened ,,,, nooo more clicking at all . much much love and respect to you .

  8. Thank you doctor, I feel a huge relief in my elbow, but also feel very free on my shoulders too.

  9. I am wondering if an ultrasound machine/therapy helps?

  10. But man can ask that like can advise me what I should do the most to get rid of it as the fastest as I can, or what's the most effective exercise to do?

  11. I am having pain in my neck, right shoulder more than a week, can you help me

  12. الحمد لله وشكرا جزيلا لك
    Thank you sir

  13. God bless you so much.

    I’ve spent almost my entire account on my elbow injury and I couldn’t afford to
    Visit the doctor again but the clicking came back.
    This helped me so much just on the first day! Thank you!!!

  14. Right when I finished it started again 30 seconds later. 😕

  15. I swear sometimes stretching seems like magic.

  16. I have played baseball my whole life and always had elbow clicking and this helped so much thank you dock truly 🙏😊

  17. Your arm is looking less healthy then my arm after distal tendon surgery its stupid to say but that made me feel so much better sorry if I sound like an ass idc

  18. Thanks my stupid professional idk what doesn’t donshit but massage my tendon its ba

  19. Hey Doctor after breaking my elbow a couple years ago I always had pain and clicking and it really depressed me and took away life quality, but after watching your video it was all gone. Thank you for uploading this you really helped me out🙏

  20. Surely this video should be 30secs long😂

  21. I like the spoon idea. Saved me some money and avoid buying the official metal scrapers. I'm going to incorporate a few of these things into my established exercise/stretch regiment, paired with my peptide cycle.

    Oh, the tennis balls in the sock seem good too. 4:30 I just did this and I can feel my golfer's elbow inflammation subsiding already after the first inner stretch. 🙏

    I've been dealing with this tendonitis since 8/2020 and quit my job a month and a half ago to relax and try to focus on recovering from this. I feel like I'm nearly at the finish line of this.

    Update 8/2023-Still having problems and referring to this for help. Didn't do as much stretching and exercise as I hoped to do while taking 5 months off. Disappointed with myself, because my arm is already killing me being back at a desk job. So frustrating.

  22. Hello, I have no pain discomfort popping primarily right elbow. Should I do the anything elbow fix everyday? Or 4-5 times a week. I do the exercise with two others I saw on YouTube that I feel a better contraction with. Thank you for the content brother

  23. 4:00 My elbow is more loose now and pops more frequently.

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