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How To Fix the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection on PC (With Mods)

Want to know how to fix the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection with mods? We’ve got you covered with our selection of the best MGS Master Collection mods for PC!

It’s safe to say that the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Volume 1 was disappointing, lacking further enhancements compared to the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection released by Bluepoint Games in 2011. This brand new compilation of remastered ports is missing custom resolutions, ultra-widescreen support, FOV fixes, features lower quality audio, and much more.

So, how do we go about fixing that? Well, with mods, of course! MGS PC mods such as the MGSM2Fix, MGSHDFix, and other projects, allow us to breathe some new life into the MGS trilogy, while also introducing new features such as the MGS 3 Snake Eater crouch walking, something that was exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS Remake!

MGSM2Fix by nuggslet
MGSHDFix by Lyall
MGS3MC Better Audio by knight_killer
MGS2MC Better Audio by knight_killer
MGS3 – High Resolution Textures (AI Slop Edition) by liqMix
MGS2 – High Resolution Textures (AI Slop Edition) by liqMix
MGS3 – High Resolution UI Textures (AI Upscaled) by mntorankusu
MGS3 Crouch Walk by Zoft and Triggerhappy

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  1. best way to play MGS with best quality is through emulator

  2. I'm still have problem with slowmotion gameplay when the fps drop below 40, does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

  3. easy dont buy it and play the emulator boom

  4. Imma just wait for the remakes

  5. There's a uncap frame rate mod being made for mgs3.

  6. Damn that was savage! Never thought i would see f#ckin IGN give such a slap in a Company with the size of KONAMI by saying that their game is so trash that it needs MODS to fix it. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Or, hear me out on this IGN, OR. Don't buy it so you had to mod it in the first place. Just emulate it like the rest of us so Konami doesn't screw you again.

  8. Genuinely who gives a shit about PC players? They have always had this option,what about the console players who cant mod their game to fix this bullshit?

  9. Just put in the past couple hours downloading all of these packets and installing them into my collection. I gotta say, THIS was the upgrade we all deserved. The modders need to be commended for this, the game looks incredible, it sounds incredible, and the fact it's adding functions like a crouch walk is amazing. IGN, this is the kind of praise you need to look for, this was an amazing video!

  10. Bought the game again just because of these mods, runs AMAZING with 4K 120FPS (Use the FPS fix for this on NexusMods) 4x Textures and all the other mods!!

    Watch Konami take the mods, Copy and Paste them and update the game LMFAO

  11. this is why pc is the best platform

  12. Will these ever make it to the PS5 version? So disappointing to be a console owner

  13. Thanks for doing this. Such a shame how Konami handled these, disrespectful but unsurprising.

  14. Its so weird how Konami drops the ball on this. I just don’t understand like….don’t all these companies want to make MONEY? Just find a fan of the game to do the work for free and make all the money. These companies are just so damn STUPID!

  15. Easy…..duckstation and pcsx2 will help

  16. Dirty cash grab should be laughed at, not fixed

  17. I think the worst thing to pull from this is realizing Konami will phone in even their new projects in the coming years. Delta is bound to be a mess. They’ve been on Pachinko machines for years. Crucial years it could’ve used to get developer talent. But nope.

  18. I'm playing mgs 3 for the first time in my life and i was shocked you can't walk wile chrouching lol. I was frustated with the controlls at first but i really love this game.

  19. Someone needs to make a MGS3 mod for period-accurate 1960’s Soviet uniforms

  20. Should make a mention that for analog controls on MGS1. you'd want SpoopyToots' controller layout. By default, steam translates the left stick into DPad, adding M2Fix will not change that.

    Go to controller layout, change the layout by clicking it's name, and go to community tab. Hit square or X, or Y for the pro controller to show all controller layout. SpoopyToots should be at the very bottom.

    If you try to add in the left stick functionality yourself, the corners will get very messy on most controllers. The layout in question is a modified adjustment meant to be one size fits all deal.

  21. How have they not patched this in yet?

  22. Thankyou but No..
    I dont support Greedy Company like Konami.
    Better use Emulator for All this game

  23. Hey Konami, are you still not learning from the franchise’s fans yet? Maybe you should look at Kojima productions to develop further games for you? Maybe there will be an improvement. Definitely to the quality and maybe to the relations to the its original creator

  24. I could care less about modding the games are perfect without seriously. If your are true fan you shouldn't do it. Happy Thanksgiving people.

  25. Best way to play it is to emulate these games and don't give your money to Konami

  26. Konami has fallen so far that even IGN has to fix their port 💀💀💀

  27. Easiest Fix: Do Not Buy It.

  28. It’s ridiculous that MODS are necessary to make this collection a worthwhile purchase.

    This collection is such a let down and it’s wrong the community has to make these fixes and improvements for Konami.

  29. C'mon guys this is kinda pathetic tho. spent 60$ on a full complete game. Wtf is going on nowadays man? This version is not even superior than the Xbox 360version. I guess mgs1 is a plus but still get it right.

  30. or you can just use PSX/PS2 emulators and play it in 4k without so many shenanigans

  31. Konami is really acting like an estate instead of a developer on this. It’s just a dead, sterile re-release of old, vintage software with such a lack of care and optimization that it actually fails to reach the same level of performance that previous generation releases had.

  32. You can easily "fix"it with emulation and not give them money for such a shitty port. If achievements are your jam you can even get some them to work with retroarch. There's no ethical reason to give them money.

  33. Please don’t tinker with the devs original vision….even if that are an organised crime syndicate these days

  34. it is a big shame that we have to be the ones to fix games now instead of the companies that sell them…

  35. This needed to be a remaster.

  36. It’s a shame that mods are even required in the first place.
    Still, amazing in-depth video but like… why did Konami drop the ball so bad?

  37. Te compras un remade o remaster pero tienes que bajar mods para poder disfrutar correctamente del producto 🤷🏻🤷🏻

  38. That crouchwalk mod is a Godsend feature ripped from the 3DS version of MGS3. Hopefully someone can port over the over-the-shoulder and the slightly redesigned less fat 3D Snake face/head model from the 3DS.

  39. I’m waiting on a mod for MGS1 that does what Duckstation can do to it. I wouldn’t buy the collection without that.

  40. Konami will never be the same again after what they did to Kojima.
    It’s only downhill from here for them

  41. there's NOTHING to FIX with The Master Collection because Konami has said from the beginning that IT IS NOT A REMASTER COLLECION. Just ports from the HD Collection which did run at 720p

  42. Thank you for our PC modders, these soldiers are pushed to the limits to give us the plebs a better experience than what the patricians gave us!

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