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How to Fix UV Stretching

This video is the 3rd of 11 videos that make up the Texturing in Blender 2.8 video series. It gives an in depth look at what UV stretching is, why it matters, and how to fix it, and it ends with a walk through on getting the standard monkey head unwrapped and ready for texturing.

Full Course Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdFBjtsWmM96uUGwfrb1SSnTXHZ2II_ho
This course covers the basics of texturing in Blender 2.8 and some tips and tricks to make texturing your models even easier. It is really meant for new Blender users, but if you’re transitioning from 2.79, this course could show you a couple of things that are new to using 2.8.

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  1. another way to do it is to pin certain areas after you have done the initial unwrap with seams. so pin certain areas, move them as required the then hit unwrap again. This will force the rest of the non pinned uv's to conform to the pinned areas
    does not work on all circumstances. I think for organic uv maps it tough to get perfectly square uv's equal in size then you have to use cube map projection unwrap. This will give you equal size squares and minimum distortion, but lots of seams
    if for example you were unwrapping suzzana for a normal map a bit of stretching would not be so noticeable, but if
    you needed her to have small repeating details for a bump map for example , I would maybe use a differnent uv method in blender for example 'by object' or 'by camera'
    I had this problem years ago when modelling a couch, needed to have literally perfect uv's for the small material bump details 3dsmax handles this slightly better as unwrap 'by angle' works better then blender version

  2. hmmm.. 4 years later, Blenders UV tools are still very much the same and garbage

  3. Oh my. you made this 4 years ago. What a great video I wish I saw sooner. I spent more than 3000 hours in blender now. But you showed me "Pack Islands" and I want to facepalm myself for not knowing that. I DID THIS MANUALLY! Also A second time I felt dumb in your video…. instead of scaling… I am moving vertexes to remove stretch… You saved me a lot of time for the future… I love learing though. amazing to get better and better by seeing different people explain. I cant believe you have only 15k subs. You explain it so good. Your voice is clean and I notice you edit out some moments that would have cause extra time. Brilliant. Thank you!

  4. Im making a mesh for UE4. None of this worked for me, because my problem is I scaled the object, which made the texture stretch.
    So make a copy of your mesh that you scaled (for backup dimensions).
    Then in Object mode > click one of them > Control + A > Apply Scale. (And if you have a Modifier on the mesh, I had to apply it before doing the Apply Scale.)
    Then go to UV mode. (prior UVs should be reset by the Apply scale.) Click one of the faces, then press A (all sim faces of that mesh get selected).
    Then right click in that 3d window > UV unwrap >> Smart UV Project (worked for me, just a beveled cube shape).

    Then when I imported in UE and applied a texture, faces were no longer stretched. But ty to this vid for showing me layout/controls.

  5. Massive thumbs up for clear explanation and not trying to be a wacky youtuber. Thanks so much! 🤓

  6. you are the best ty for this simple and full explanation!

  7. forget the monkey head. I cant fix a stretched cube. There should be an easy way.

  8. Thank you, it was hard to find a helpful video like this.

  9. Hi, I have full blue map on the UV's of one of my model, but i have a distortion in my mapping, I don't understand why….. I cant'be more blue 🙂

  10. is there any "relax tool" for removing strech in the uv like the one which we have in sculting?

  11. This might be good info but after 15 seconds you still said nothing. Get to the point, that is what i came for

  12. My blender 2.91, doesn't have the display menu.

  13. Oh no this is an older version and I don't have the display tab…

  14. I do not have display button even I make it bigger. Is there any parameter for showing it ?

  15. good job try to keep it bit short and fast

  16. Some pretty deep technique here😀

  17. Can't find the the display option

  18. Clear, into the point and short helpful tutorial. Thank you so much Sir.

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