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7 Common LED Strip FAILS and How To Avoid Them

LED strips are the light source of the future, make sure you don’t make one of these 7 common mistakes. This video is sponsored by HolidayCoro (http://www.holidaycoro.com/?Click=12722) check out their huge supply of holiday light show products using my link to help support The Hook Up.

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🔥 Mounting Hardware 🔥
Adhesive Clips: https://amzn.to/2FcpWXr
Corner Connectors (3 pin): https://amzn.to/3gP9yds

🔥 LED Controllers (WiFi dimming, brightness and effects) 🔥
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  1. The complaint about loops in the corners creating hot spots is illogical when the solution suggested is to cut the strip and make 90 degree corners with adapters that then place 0 LEDs in the corners creating dim spots. With the problem being declared as "uneven" lighting distribution and specifically too many LEDs in the corners it seems like the solution presented is exchanging too much light (hot spot) for too little light (dim area).

  2. I’m a newbie to LED lighting! I have several lights in my RV that are inlaid to my ceiling. I thought I could run a fairly continuous strip with a wire and 2 end caps that will slide into the end of each strip at the corner. I wanted to have 4-6 16” strips, one daisychained to the next. It’s not working! Only the original 2 strips work. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Thanks for the tips Dickhead!

  4. I have DMX 512 RGBW point led lights and I am looking for a controller that is Wifi and can work with a good App. Also work if possible with Google or Alexa

  5. How to spend money you don't have to I feel like such a loo 3:33 ser

  6. ALWAYS over-spec LED strip installs!
    That is always buy/install 20-30% more leds then the actual light/lumens you require. This then allows you to run the LED's @ 70-80% brightness which will significantly increase the longevity (ie the led setup will last much much longer)

  7. extremely helpful. I just returned the led pucks to Lowes, and I am going to go with strips instead. Thank you for the advice!

  8. Would you suggest IP 65 LED strip for outdoor lighting, cause in rainy season, these LED's backside may get exposed to dripping and may damage the strip?
    I am looking for Outdoor RGBIC 30LEDs/m or 60LEDs/m about 100feet or more length strip. Please suggest

  9. are there any products that I can put over the already installed led strips to diffuse them?

  10. how do you get two separate strips ( i.e. two adjacent bedrooms) to work without the remotes controlling both strips accidentally?

  11. I picked up some decent LEDs. Years ago. Can't put them up poorly if I don't put them up.

  12. How to avoid them: dont use led light strips, they suck and make your stuff look tackey

  13. One of the biggest LED light fails is 'coloured' LED Strips.

  14. I wish you had covered how to install the strips to the bottom of framed wall cabinets. Block the bottoms for a straight line? Cut holes to get from the bottom of one cabinet to the other? Use little jumper wires to go over the edges from one cabinet to the other?

  15. This guy has successfully ruined my love for and intention to do LED lighting in my new apartment 😩😩😩

  16. This is way too complicated

  17. I want to install the LED Diffuser under my loft bed, but I don't know how to cut my diffuser into 45 degree angle. I notice that most channels are 1m in length, my loft bed is 1.88m (6'2"), so I already need to multiple cuts. What saw or hand tools is good for this task?

  18. very informative, thanks

  19. Nicely explained 👌. I love the addressable LEDs too.

  20. Great presentation, subbed

  21. Awesome info for this noob, thanks brother

  22. "aluminum" ??? ALUMINIUM …. gosh ….

  23. I really thought the sponsor was called Holiday Horror

  24. 🙏🏼👉👉👉reply I bought 196.85inch USB Sensor Light, With PIR Motion Hand Scan LED Night Light, With Adjustable Brightness…..I used in my kitchen but cut it…what ship I need…plssssss will appreciate

  25. Over the last week, I've learned that I hate LED lights. The connectors didn't work no matter how closely I followed the instructions and red is the only that's working 😒

  26. Hi. I want to install LED cob strips between the ridges of my natural teak coloured louvers installed on the celing of my dining room . When turned off , will they look bad when I look up at my ceiling?

  27. Very helpful, thank you.

  28. Can someone please tell me the best way to install my aluminium channels on my daughters plastered wall? Should I use 3M tape, silicone lime or maybe drill some wholes and use screws? Thanks 🙏

  29. I used wire staples – wide type – for my deck. Adhesives don't work on wood. The clips are the wide type and fits the led strip perfectly. Just a bit difficult to hammer upside down (upwards).

  30. I’m using white/warm white led’s and white wire.(3 pin) I’m installing these every 32 inches in my basement rafters. The white wire is unmarked so not sure if that means it doesn’t matter how it connects? So used the clear solderless clips and when I plug in the light light up before the connection but none after? Any idea?

  31. Zero need for this, totally stumbled on randomly (developer), but just gotta say this is a really solid tutorial. Also coding isn't hard. Don't let develops scare you like they possess some special aptitude that you don't. It's not true!! If diligent you can do it!!

  32. god this video was so useful thank you for all those informations!

  33. This is actually a pretty informative video an d answered some questions I didn't even think about as im about to swap kitchen cabinets and add a lot of LED light strips. Thank you

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