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NBA 2K16 Tips: How To Unlock ALL BADGES in MyCareer – How To Get ANY Badge in 2K16!


Exact requirements for EVERY BADGE can be found here! http://www.operationsports.com/features/2393/how-to-earn-all-of-the-badges-in-nba-2k16/

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  1. crazy how it’s been 6 years already🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. What sucks about this is that years later 2k will take away the service and now you can't upgrade the badges, miss when it was called signature mods instead when you could use regular points. If @2k #2k want to take away a online currence just make it points or something you can grind in the game because I don't want to play the new nba games that are terrible.

  3. POV: your bored and you googled this.

  4. How to get the star beside wat badge is that

  5. I have a character that is horrible at 3 point range. Is it still easy to get them?

  6. are you sure this is 2k16?

  7. Because all I get is bronze

  8. How do you go from bronze badges to gold

  9. how tf do you get that mycourt?

  10. if i complete these badges will i be able to max out my myplayer

  11. I still don't understand why all these white dues have black people as there player creation

  12. How to get that court?????

  13. Is it possible to upgrade badges without playing online? I have like 19 bronze badges and 20,000 skill points and I can't do anything with it. It constantly says that I don't have enough points to upgrade a single badge to silver. I'm still hoping that by going to practice I can get attribute upgrades to go from 88 to 99.

  14. i do all these moves and shots and i dont even get anybagages and i did everything i can i need help

  15. No respect for a white guy with a black character

  16. I'm new to 2k and I'm just wondering, did he get all those steals just cause he's in rookie? or what

  17. How did you get your my court court to look like that like with the walls and the court @WitnessGaming

  18. Is there any way to know if you've unlocked a badge during a game or do you just have to wait til after the game?

  19. +WitnessGaming How do I get the pullback between the legs and behind the back for my point guard

  20. how do u get your my court like that

  21. How did you get your court to look like that? the whole thing look tough af

  22. Yo why cant i upgrade my player no more he stayed at 88 overall help please!!

  23. all I'm hearing is someone saying some obvious stuff

  24. how did he get his chilln area like tht

  25. Is the mycourt like this on only on Xbox, its not like this on my PS4

  26. Do these settings like rookie difficulty are still in my park? Like do these settings transfer to mp too?

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