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Learn How To Repair Stick Wobble on Xbox One Elite Controller

In this video, I show you how to repair the stick wobble on the Xbox One Elite controller. The Xbox One Elite controller is a great controller but it also has its faults. The 2 magnetic analogue stick mounts are metal so they wear when connected to the plastic analogue stick.
This video will show you how to complete a long-lasting repair on the magnetic Xbox elite analogue sticks using metal shims.

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  1. I used folded aluminum foil. It worked perfectly and took up all of the slack. I also used isopropyl alcohol with a syringe and blasted it into the potentiometers while moving the sticks in a circular pattern. I could feel it taking the notchiness out in seconds. When I started, the left cap fell off when I opened the case! Go to Gamepad Tester to check your controller before and after.
    Avg Error before: 21.4% Axis 0 0.08482 Axis 1 0.06456 12.3% Axis 2 0.05541 Axis 3 0.02303 and after: 16.5% Axis 0 0.08519 Axis 1 0.05800 11.9% Axis 2 0.03706 Axis 3 0.00728. Not perfect, but MUCH better on the left stick.

  2. Are you taking commissions? I would be happy to send you a controller for fix if you're interested

  3. One note about the screws: The middle screw behind the battery is indeed different. It has a flat head so the battery will be flush against it. It is still a t8 but you have to make sure you put that specific screw back and do not mix it up with the other 4 screws from the sides.

  4. ✋🏼😎 Hi, could this possibly also work for new wobly elite series 2 controllers? I have a new one here… outside of the wobble it would be the best controller. The wobble however makes it a almost useless device unfortunately. I know i can send it back, but i know that the next one will be the same again. 😤

  5. Christ bless you!✝️❤️

  6. If i do this will my controller still have warranty?

  7. There are kits on amazon with the thumb bases and screw drivers

  8. Used a ginerale can and that did the trick. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Helped me out.

  9. All I did was put a piece of tape on around on top of there the magnetic thumbsticks goes on

  10. Followed your instructions and used a Coke can to cut out a shim. Tightened right up and works perfectly! Thank you for helping me to continue to use this beast of a controller on my Xbox Series X!

  11. I think I'm gonna coat the stick in thread locker. I have some red vibratite that creates a pretty durable rubbery coating. Hopefully will protect the plastic from getting worn down. I'll update with results if I remember.

  12. Why don’t they just make the analog stick steel? It seems changing that one little plastic bit with metal would make sticks wear much slower, and make controllers last longer.

    I guess they don’t want to do that with regular controllers because they want to sell replacements, but it would be a nice thing to do for $150 elite controllers that you should only really ever have to buy one of.

  13. Will this fix work for the elite series 2?

  14. does this work for the elite 2?

  15. The plastic bit holding the thumb stick in place broke in half for me should I glue it?

  16. Man I just watched your video on the wobble cause mine was pretty bad and used a piece of beer can in mine and it tightened it right up and now it’s like it was never loose…so thank you for the idea worked wonders!!!

  17. My left joystick is slightly loose but no drift. Can I do this on the series 2?

  18. Nice video.
    Simple, neat fix & easy to understand instructions.
    Thank you.

  19. cool thing that my actually plastic rod thing is the wobbly part

  20. thank you helped pretty good.

  21. I have a question to make you the right analog of my controller moves by itself without me touching it with this (video) am I able to solve my problem or do you need anything else?

  22. the screws in my controller have like a stick in the middle which prevents me from being able to screw them ? Anything i can do?

  23. hello, iv put different thumbsticks on the posts and my joystick still has some wobble to it, the average person wouldn't notice anything wrong but just wondering if there is a way to stiffen the post the thumbsticks sit on as mine has slight movement to it

  24. Couldn’t you just glue the metal stick onto the plastic piece to prevent drift?

  25. Any idea on what to do if a thumbstick won't click anymore? It was dropped.

  26. so i did this exact fix and the joystick was nice and snug but i still have drag. would anyone happen to know the issue?

  27. Can't you just buy new joysticks and swap them out?

  28. this is the fix! Thx for the video. There are so many shit videos out there for this fix.

  29. I used some tin foil worked a treat cheers

  30. Have this with my elite series 2

  31. Thank you so much this was very helpful.

  32. Ive done this to prevent the dome from moving up and down once rhe controller is built (hope you understand me) but i found that the actual plastic stick has a very small game, any solution?

  33. Thanks, well done vid. I could'nt make a thin enough shim, but turning the cup did the trick for me.

  34. I sent a question to you're twitter page take a look at it when you get the chance.

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