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GET FREE XBOX GAMES | What Are Microsoft Rewards Points + How To Spend Them

Did you know you can get free Xbox games by earning enough points to buy gift cards for the Microsoft Store? All simply by PLAYING games?!

From completing Xbox Game Pass quests to simply changing your search engine to Bing, you can rack up a shed load of points to put towards your next Xbox purchase! Including hardware!

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  1. They nerfed the rewards app on console so bad.

  2. Steam is coming out of my nose right now. Because they should simply thumbs down, thumbs down thumbs down.

  3. So i can have a free game for playing for 40 years?😱

  4. Question each in put in the game pass that I bought from the Microsoft reward I keep getting PayPal or credit card each time I do it

  5. Well you missing something where do I look up to buy the stuff with the coins?

  6. How is G different from points? At 1:30 for G you have 114505 and points you have 14,912.

  7. Hello i have xbox 360 microsoft points card. Can anyone help me whats the use of these cards also if they are currently working or not as its dated august 2009.

  8. I just got a message that said my 40 dollar purchase earned me 39 reward points, which means i am now 16% of the way to earning a 1 dollar gift card.

    So basically 1 dollar per point. 40 points is 2%

    So, every 2,000 dollars i spend, they give me a dollar back.


  9. No offense but why do you gotta make it so difficult

  10. Sadly it doesnt work for me, idk why

  11. It says i have 16K but when I go on Microsoft rewards it says 0

  12. The way he said “you can turn this into a family affair” was very strange

  13. ive known this but i didnt know how to use

  14. I don’t understand, like, you earn points by playing games and you can use a certain quantity of points to buy other games?

  15. On Xbox app it says I have over 500 points but on Microsoft rewards it says 20

  16. When your getting sold “heaps of good Karma” be weary of the seller.

  17. lol i have been gamin for years and have 1600 points in 8 years maybe i can get a 5pound voucher. and yea im not interested in being tracked by bing ,happy with tor. what a joke this is

  18. How do I claim my free xbox gold card that I bought from Microsoft rewards?

  19. Bro i live in Lithuania and its unavailable in my country

  20. I have 365 point 😂 this might take some time

  21. I necer knew thet whta they do i have 40 k now becase i never speended them or 50 k i think so

  22. I am very impressed!! Paying you to play video games and then not working for not being in a certain country.. I literally have like 10k points

  23. the major problem i see with this is what if people want to be the biggest money tight people in the world, just buy the xbox weather limited edition best one or that comes with free games, dlc or features. the reason i say this is because even with just one game or none, most of the points consist of the person or people having to rack them up through a never seemingly endless process of small point rewards that would likely only take about 2 years to redeem something worthwhile just once such as the £5.00 gift card.

    with how the prices are set when it comes to the more important stuff like gift cards that will give the person something they can actually save up on, the reality of this is, is that through like a 2 year course, all the person is really able to get is 1 or 2 very small games which is highly likely never going to have something tied to points rewards to unlock. even then, if people want to get the best they can without paying a single thing from this, most games give you achievements for every level stage meaning people will have to resort to only playing 1 level every time until the unlock the achievement is back up to get points rewards from.

    i actually done a small investigation on this problem a while ago myself now where i focused most of my time on xbox throughout the days on the rewards system alone to save up enough for what i would personally count as an important gain in some way. ive still have about 2.6k points after about quite a long time i think it was 3 months and the only thing i can get that is semi- worthwhile to me on my xbox is minecoins which is the lowest payment of minecoins that i can use specifically in minecraft. there are things in minecraft that do cost £5.00 or under however most of these things are skins with the rest being small add ons, worlds, or challenge maps that arnt even popular on the marketplace.

    considering how long it takes to get 3 months of grinding when i have games that help speed that process up due to achievement unlocks and random reward unlocks while i play those games, id most likely have to spend another 2 months if i didnt have a single game to get 330 minecoins or £5.00 equivilant in minecrafts amount. for a £5.00 gift card, id likely have to grind 10 full months just to get an actual £5.00 gift card that i would be able to buy an actual game with on the store. to get a month membership or a month game pass ultimate. id have to spend over a year just to get 1 month to be able to either play online to grind out games, if i had the time, or, id get one month just to play with actual people after over a year of just grinding for this.

    its hard enough getting anywhere near enough to get these amount of points let alone remembering to always redeem it. but its another to waste so much time to get very little gain out of it. the only real way i can see this as a semi benefit to people who will go out their way to grind this out solo, is if someone knew someone else who also had an xbox and sold the £5.00 code to that person when it works to get £5.00 irl money. its the only real way i can see this as converting i would call it fake currency as its digital currency, into actual currency.

    overall, the reward points from everyone ive spoken to b4 about this at least once barely even knows its a thing and or doesnt ever use it when they play their xbox because its such a neash thing and app that only specific people will use often enough to get some form of gain out of it. its similar how steam allows u to install free games where u can rack up gun skins crates etc etc and sell them on the steam market to eventually make that money for free in order to actually buy more and better games within steam. i dont think however there is a way to convert it into money outside of digital however another method u can make money on steam is by converting some items u have into gems which u can then automatically sell instantly to some steam market bot they have in place for a few pennies or something. i do actually slightly prefer how steam does it however u cant seem to make irl money this way.

  24. I just bought Gotham Knights. MS Rewards paid for over $61 on the game.

  25. why isn't it letting me go in microsoft rewards in my xbox

  26. Why the application is available to me and shows the message: "your current market is not supported" . It's a digital thing so why isn't supported?!

  27. Just spent 50k points to both charityes each i fee good abt it

  28. Been using bing for years. Made well over $1000 maybe 2.

  29. How do I use it I have 1600 points

  30. But this doesn't answer my original question. As to what brought me here. Can I use my xbox gamerscore to get stuff?

  31. takes forever and its barely anything at the end

  32. How do you spend the points you get from achievements

  33. I have a question
    It says that this service Is not in your region so if I change my region to country in which it's available will it then help me?? Pleasese tell me

  34. Glad you made this vid. I recently got a xbox 360 and it came with 28k points and didn't know how to use them!

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