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Alchemia Story | How to earn 200,000 EXP Everyday

This is the Fire Cave Dungeon and it is for level 30+ only. Up to a total of 4 players can participate and I showcased the correct paths to take and explained how to get to the boss room.

Song 1 : Suge by Dababy

Song 2 : Lost it by 3AceUno


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  1. I did not see you in alchemia story vut how.

  2. You know Dungeon Bcm gets 500k exp…
    But only they got higher rank/level

    Edited: also…follow the patern. Straight -> Right -> Right

  3. How do you get powerful skills? My skills aren't really that powerful enough to beat a boss even though I'm on level 48, Duelist. Please help ;-;

  4. How am i suposed to kill that thing alone?

    You think im saitama? (one punch man)

  5. Help, I Got Into The Boss Room, And There Is No Boss.
    I’m On Chapter 27

  6. does the boss respawn every day ?, killed it once before but it never respawned again

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