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How to sharpen chainsaw chain and save time and money or earn money

Simonian’s Saw Service 40 years in business is helping you understand chainsaw chain and how to sharpen this chain. Here is the link to Diamond wheel Inc http://www.diamondwheelinc.com/


  1. Good job. I got a wheel from Diamond also

  2. I love my Oregon bench grinder. Super easy to setup and grinds chains super sharp in no time. I will have to check this wheel out. Thanks for the video.

  3. Do you need to profile the diamond wheel?

  4. I already know how to sharpen my chainsaws

  5. Back in my days I could leave the house drive back in the holler cut and split and load a load of wood in 1.25 hours. Split it with a maul. Out of 4 sons I ended up with 2 that was working machines. They got old enough to do the firewood I never had to do it anymore. That guide STIHL sales works really well to sharpen a saw but my local dealer charges $35 for one

  6. This’ll help me kill my victims better

  7. didn't learn a doggone thing here

  8. I was really hoping you sounded like bucking billy ray but you don’t unfortunately 😔

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  10. Hi, how you wash the chain? The recipe please?

  11. I can buy new Craftman cs blades on ebay for $9.

  12. Definitely got to know how to run your grinder, seeing a lot of people with these grinders don't have a clue what the hell they're doing, they get the blade too hot so you can't ever file it again, or take too much of the raker off and it kicks back like crazy

  13. Amigo aqui em Brasil agora que apareceu essa maquina

  14. I have been doing chains for 38 years and I found that I needed 2 grinders. 1 for the 3/8 std chains and 1 for the Low Pro and .325 chains to keep from changing wheels every time a customer has each size chain. I use 2 Foley 308 grinders and a Oregon for the rakers so I do not have to change wheels.

  15. Great vid Rod. Can you use the same diamond wheel on 3/8 low pro, .325 and 3/8? Or do you need different wheels for the different size chains? Also, are those diamond wheels kind of shaped like the pink wheels, or are they flat like say a wet tile saw diamond blade? I watched another vid from a fella that used CBN wheels but didn't mention anything about different sizes so I wasn't sure if you need different wheels or if you can use one for all.

  16. Rod, could I just get a diamond bit and use it with a hand drill?

  17. Hi rod do you find that you can still burn the tooth? I just got my new wheel today I’m running it on a 520 grinder, it’s better then the pink wheel but I still find it can burn it maybe I was trying to take to much off the tooth cheers


  19. Any idea how to adjust the screw on the back side of the vice?

  20. Where do you buy those diamond wheels? I need one since ordinary wheels suck at carbide chains…

  21. Norm macdonald you sharpen a good chain

  22. Hey man just wanted to say your video helped get me into grinding….to make a long story short, I have found the grinder can get a chain sharper than new if you actually learn how to use it….I also got CBN wheels from diamond brand, they are great as you said!!!!

    If you ever get time go to ope forum.com…..go to the thread called grinder tips, pics, and tricks….I started the thread and we have all kind of good info and pics of chains…..

  23. Thats probably a CBN abrasive wheel. Never use diamond abrasive on steel. The carbon reacts with the diamond and generates tons of heat.

  24. rob I emailed the weal company and they told me that they do not make weal for this application?

  25. hey Rod, what did you say you clean your chains with? I couldn't understand what you said you mixed in the water. Thanks.

  26. Wonderful ! Thank you for your informations and good advices. Many good things and stuff find you and help me for my new business . I need an associate. Would you are interesting here in my country ROMANIA in Cluj-Napoca city for a colaboration ? I am graduated in accounting and all the docs and papers i resolv these but i need an tehnic and handyman – here is very difficult to find someone. God bless you.

  27. how do you always know which wheel to use and angles to use? I can't always find markings on the chains to tell which brand they are.Thanks for any info

  28. Great video and your love of logging shows through, I recently bought the newer 511AX model and am very please with it. I will only say if you can by saw chain direct from the dealer as I do I pay $10.00 brand new H30 Husqvarna or H25 same  for my xp and smaller 440 etc. My local dealer gets $15.00 per chain so at 7 your a super good deal and I will look up the diamond wheel. Thanks again.. A professional Architect and semi pro logger.

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