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How to Remove Samsungs Moisture Detected Warning

Here is how to Remove Samsungs Moisture Detected Warning in your charging port that won’t go away even when there is no moisture and preventing you from charging your phone. This does not necessarily mean that your phone has become defective. In most cases, the fix for this error is simple: dry the phone. There are some rare cases though that moisture detected error may show up for some reasons. This fix Should work for both Galaxy S8, S9, S10, A20, Note 9, Note 10, Note 20 and several other Samsung smartphones. If it doesn’t work at all you might be better off getting a wireless charger. #samsungmosituredetected #samsung

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00:00 Intro
00:43 Make sure your phone is off
00:47 Step 1 use rubbing alcohol
01:29 Step 2 use a hair dryer
02:29 Honorable mentions to dry your phone
03:25 Step 3 make sure you have the right charger
04:12 Conclusion

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  1. Thanks for watching, let me know if this worked for you

  2. Idk why im watching this if i have been wireless charging on a pad the last 2 months but i think its time i can just plug it in again so i dont have to keep taking off my case evertime i charge it

  3. Thanks for a helpful video. Another option that worked for me was….try a different USB cable!

  4. I used my Kirby g4 from the 90's to blow the shit out of it

  5. 1 tisue in port 2 tape up port 3 put in freezer for 5 min take out clean enjoy was down for 4 days and back up.

  6. you saved me bro, i have an exam tomorrow and i needed my phone as fast as possible and i tried everything it didn't work thank you so much!!

  7. A HUGE THANK YOU for this specific video. After my Samsung phones giving the horrible moisture warning over and over again, searching yt for help to avoid costly repairs or replacement thru Samsung or my phone provider, YOUR video is the BEST one for this issue on the web and absolutely worked! Will share with family and friends & return if I ever have the same issue!

  8. worked for me and I tried several things

  9. Just wanted to check something – you say to use a slow charger and that can solve the issue. However, do you need to keep using the slow charger from there on in, losing the ability to fast charge? Or can you then switch back to a fast charger?

  10. Don’t know you have to chat so much BS. Just keep it simple and to the point

  11. Thank you so, so, so much!!! This worked! I tried the first two and they didn't work. After my two failures, I was skeptical and didn't think the last suggestion would work but it did! You saved me from having to send in my phone to Samsung. You are a lifesaver. I'm definitely going to follow you.

  12. it didnt work. did all your steps,

  13. shit feature on these phones

  14. i tried this so many times and didnt work 😢

  15. thanks bro. I did this without rubbing alcohol and blow dryer and it worked 1st try. I will edit my comment and complain, knock on wood. Right now everything is fine. If anything I did a 3 day no cell phone / and thinking I would have to spend hours repairing it.

  16. What to i do if I don't have any rubbing alcohol

  17. CAN CONFIRM I tried it and this still works^

  18. Thank you! Dropped my phone in the snow so I opened this and I used the hair dryer 'method' and it got rid of the notification, greatly appreciate it!

  19. omfg you are the greatest human being on earth!! thought my phone was done for, but this video saved my ass. god bless you

  20. this really works! i also did this when i got this warning i used the pointy part of an earring rapped a bit of toilet paper in it and tried cleaning the charging port after that i used the hair dryer (cold air) and it dried and started charging again ! i really thought i would have to get my charging port fixed somewhere thank god it worked 😢

  21. You rock! It totally worked on my hubby's phone. I have a cool setting on my hair dryer : ) so we didn't have to wait to plug in. Thank you!! ♥

  22. Sir !!! You're the best !!! I did everything you said and now my phone is charging perfectly!!! Thanks a lot sir.. God bless you

  23. Hey buddy. Thanks so much. Standard charger worked for me. It wouldn't work with my fast charger but sorted now thanks so much for the video 👍

  24. Wow. I was skeptical of the last method, but it worked for my A52. Thanks man!

  25. this may actually have worked, after living with that annoying "drip" warning for the last six weeks! Thanks 🙂

  26. it's a development bug that Samsung didn't get right. It will happen again and again.

  27. Fcking samsung. Creates this annoying and useless piece of shit.

  28. Thank you, I'm gonna try this now, I'm going through this and I didn't know what to do

  29. Thank you!!! This works for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra as well.

    You saved me from sending it in to Samsung and having to wait 10 – 12 days.

  30. U r a God send. My phone did the moisture alert while charging. I followed your instructions and it was resolved but 6 hours later it did the moisture detected again while charging! Followed your instructions again and resolved but waiting to see if it is a permanent fix.

  31. Ended up not working for my phone HOWEVER I changed charging cables and that fixed the issue. I ran through these steps on the OG cable i used and now it works let it should. So yes this did fix the problem but in a diffrent way.

  32. Worked on my Samsung Flip. I used a basic(not a fast charging) charger, that you recommended. Voila! My phone charged & the moisture icon is gone

  33. my charger was to strong so what i did was just used it through a extended cable , hope this helps someone.

  34. My sim card still wont read though

  35. I only tried the 3rd one you mentioned and it worked! Thanks for the video.
    I had the same issue for a day on my S20. I was 100% sure it was not moisture and just a cache stuck in phone's memory.

    I was trying to use an SD card reader with a USB C port to transfer some files and that's when this warning popped up. I thought maybe some dust damaged the charging port. I tried using dust removing compressed air and it did not make any difference.

    Only issue I had when I was trying to follow 3rd method is I did not have any charger without fast charging capability. So I turned off fast and super fast charging on my phone (it's in battery settings) and then switched off the phone connected the charging cable to the PC (Laptop will do the same) as it can only give out a small current. It immediately started charging the phone without any warnings. Then switched on the phone to see if I can still see the warning while it was connected to the PC and the warning was gone. So I unplugged it (phone had 8% charge) and turned on fast and super fast charging and used the fast charger. Bam! It started charging with no warnings!!!

    Thanks again for your video! A time saver for sure!

  36. I had Windex and it worked. Thanks

  37. Worked for me thank god, was literally losing
    my mind. I feel like Samsung "sneakingly" do
    this to force people to buy more chargers or
    when their phone should be
    working just fine, kinda crazy. Felt my heart just came out thank u very very much

  38. This is stupid and fake warning Samsung put so they can move is to wireless charging and then remove USB port just like they removed headphone jack, sd card etc

  39. Luckily i found this video! This still works! My child has a Galaxy S21 FE and it went dead last night. It never got near moisture so we arent sure why we were getting this warning. It would not charge. We dried it in bag of rice overnight, which has worked for me in the past. Cleaned with alcohol. Still got the warning. Then we used the blow dryer this morning. Finally plugged it into a cable coming off of our lamp charger and it is charging now! Not sure if it will work with the fast charge yet. Will update after it is done charging on slow charge. Thank you!

  40. This worked first time. Thanks!

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