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This Is How Long It Would Take You To Earn A Billion Dollars

One billion is a massive number. It’s almost too big to really comprehend. In this episode, we take a look at how long it would take you to earn a billion dollars if you made $2,000 per hour.

This Is How Long It Would Take You To Earn A Billion Dollars – Second Thought
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  1. No has ever earned a billion dollars. It must only ever be stolen.

  2. At least apple man would work for 2000 years, I would have to work 122 thousand years. And I don't work 40h, I work closer to 60.

  3. tax the living daylight of billionaires and have a living age in place – any nation.

  4. A few minutes later, and once again, I can't resist: Who did Bezos steal his money from?

  5. I shouldn't comment on videos not meant for me, but… nobody expects to make a billion dollars at an hourly wage job. Look at how fast J.K. Rowling made a million dollars for writing a book series everyone loved (no, nobody should realistically expect to do that, either, but a real person didn't have to spend as long as the stick figure to make a million).

    The first scenario ending with checking the list sounds more like a lesson in envy and worrying about being the best. You don't need anywhere near a billion dollars to retire and enjoy life. The motive for an immortal being working for 2000 years wouldn't be security or pleasure – the only motive that could drive the character to do that would be ego. "Retire after your first couple million and enjoy life" is the most obvious message from this story.

  6. It would take me 24,000 years to make $1b

  7. Labour Exploitation earns money not gaed work.

  8. Honestly you might have been able to sell that golden apple for a billion dollars.

  9. $200 an hour × 40 hours a week = $ 8'000 a week.

    $ 8'000 × 4.34 = $ 34.720 a month

    $ 34.720 × 12 = $ 416.640 a year

    1 billion ÷ 416.640 = 2.400,153609831

    It would take ~2400 years to become a billionaire at that rate.

  10. People say that he doesn’t have 123 billion but he sells billions in stock a year so this video is very informative and trye

  11. Could have done without the religious references…

  12. the billionaire don’t exploit labour billionaires makes the employee labour productive cos he pays for the resources I.e factories and equipment needed for production without the resources your labour is worthless

  13. It would take me Twenty Thousand Years to make one percent of Bozo's net worth. I hope my parents are immortal because I will be living in their basement for a loooong time.

  14. I can’t believe Elon Musk was only worth 31,7 billions at that time! One and a half year later, he is already worth 10 times as much!

  15. When there's so much poverty on earth there should never be a thing called a billionaire

  16. Jsyk, by investing the integrity of the job's money in the S&P 500 (10% with reinvested dividends minus taxes being more or less 8%) you would make a billion by the time Jesus dies.
    Still $2000 per hour tho, two orders of magnitude above

  17. At the median individual income in America, you'd be looking at 20,000 years.
    Again, that's without spending a penny and not paying taxes.

  18. 😂😂😂😂 I can't believe people take this as a logical argument !

  19. You really imagine someone can earn a billion with a day job

  20. this was so creative i loved the way this video was done the subtle humour, i am new to this channel but in the last 2 days i may have watched close to 30 plus video from you, i am going to be honest you need to switch it up abit and diversify topics as great as the info is on capitalism and socialism it is abit of a constant drag which is fine but it is just the same fact and ideas spread across all the videos again and again.

    you have a talent and i enjoy and i am not saying dont make those videos and puit out that info i am just saying keep it fresh, some commentary on other areas where you will not be saying the same facts again and again…..the usa spends 10x more than the next national army blah blah blah

    i am rooting for you but please give us something else once in a while.

  21. What about compound interest and investments?

  22. that je sus refrence bro

  23. for $9 ( a random number) it would take me approx 60000 years to get to 1 billion

  24. Bezos must’ve been working since the beginning of time

  25. The take away from this video is is save a portion of your income and buy assets that produce consistent cash or increase in value to later be sold. Everyone already knew you cant become rich through your labor because its tied to your time. Assets build your wealth for you 24/7. THE KEY TO BECOMING RICH IS BUYING ASSETS THEN HOLDING THEM FOR LIFE! Jeff Bezos does not have billions of dollars just sitting in a vault. Its mostly on paper, stocks, the Amazon brand itself.

  26. Ok that is crazy I implemented $7.25 (min wage in America) times 40hrs a week times 52 weeks times 61 years (around age 18-79) and you wouldn't have even broken the 1 million barrier.

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