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How to recover your Discord account with lost Authenticator / Backup code | Part 1

#Discord #2FA #Authenticator
Many of you have problems with accessing your Discord account under different circumstances, so in this video we’re going to address the problem and see all the options available to recover your Discord account if you lost your authenticator app generating the 2FA codes or your phone number. So make sure to stick around till the end of this video, to find out whether you can still recover your Discord account or not.

I hope this was helpful!

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  1. I love the sound of Portugese 🇵🇹!

  2. I am stuck in a really bad situation… I cannot recover my gmail, I cannot use the 2FA, I don't have backup codes… cuz i lost these 3 stuff… I can only login using SMS verification…

  3. i did not get the sms option

  4. bro, you came in clutch BIG TIME! i never thought i had back up codes in file explorer. thanks so much! i got my discord account back after reinstalling windows. subbed!


  6. Wonder what I would have done when my account was hacked. But (fred_ethics) came through and helped me get it back

  7. am a living testimony of(fred_ethics) . Man literally didn't charge me for helping me restore my account

  8. thanks this helps alot when i know where to find backup code

  9. I lost my account with 2fa and I got a new number and none of these work

  10. What if the number I used to my discord was gone too.what other option do I have? please reply thanks

  11. I have lost my 2fa but i have my backup codes. The thing is discord wont let me put anything above 6 digits and the backup codes are 8 digits. What is the solution for that?

  12. How r u able to do ur phone number for it, cause it doesn’t show me that option, how is that?

  13. Well i removed my phone number and i have only my email
    And i lost 2fa app, then when i tried to recover
    It doesnt work, i asked for discord support but tbh they sucks
    And said me create new account
    This is how they support us ?

  14. Having same problems with roblox

  15. Very helpful video! Thank you very much!

  16. i try to reset my old acc back but still stuck with the 2FA code

  17. I have a new phone and I can’t access it because it is obviously deleted

  18. A question, if this is for lost phones how the hell would i get my phone number, this video is not helping.

  19. I lost my account so long ago and i want it back so badly, but I dont have a PC and it didnt had my phone number and now its lost forever

  20. No doubt about Nick_techs he made me smile I recommend him to you all

  21. It doesn't give me the option, what do i do??

  22. Can you help me! I literally added an alt account and somehow I logged out both accounts on my phone and computer I tried to get it back but I have my 2fa enabled on my account but I don’t know the key to my Google authenticator

  23. I was recommended to Nick_techs now I'm recommending him to you

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