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How to setup IMOU camera – Ranger 2

In this video, I will guide you to set up a IMOU camera
– Reset and connect the camera to wifi.
– Change the camera password, and check the new firmware.
– Set alarm notification, motion detection, human detection.
– Notification alarm schedule and recording schedule.
– Format the memory card.
– Image rotation, privacy mode,
– Playback, snapshot, local record, remote control Pan/Tilt
– Reboot the camera, delete form account….

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  1. I don't know why there's no speaking sign on my Imou camera

  2. Looks like it would take about a month to set up

  3. ❤❤❤ thanks you so much 😊😊

  4. how i can delete video records one by one ?
    i trying to looking for but i never find away to delet video in mc but only way format mc

  5. Excellent video 👌Thank you 🙏

  6. Hi sir
    Does this camera need any electrical supply to power on or being connected to wifi does the job !?
    Thank you

  7. We can't see recordings anymore in new app version??

  8. Hi, I set up my camera and it’s working well but sound doesn’t work and I completely don’t know how to fix it? It used to work on my previous same device.

  9. can record without wifi connect?

  10. I cant add camera fails to load, I can isolate 2.4ghz so camera finds it been when I have to use my phone on the wifi and switch on 5ghz the camera then has not signal. Phone wont function without the correct router setting so cant win. Very very annoying, been trying for hours.

  11. This was very easy to set up and works great. 2 complaints https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxOXxsTZ3ptV_Pk0fFl8bNZvVqeoqBQFwe which may just be a setting issue: 1. Identifies motion when there is none. I don't see any movement on review of the recorded video. 2. I think there is a time lapse issue sometimes. It will start a recording at a time when it is daylight in 3pm then throughout the few second video the light changes in increments to night time.

  12. How does another user connect to the camera. Not by share.

  13. What can we do without electricity?

  14. Thank you teşekkür ederim 👏👏👏😊

  15. not working at ios 17 version

  16. ഈ ക്യാമെറകൾ ഐഫോണിൽ വർക്ക് ആവില്ല പ്രത്ത്യേകിച്ചു ios 17 ഇൽ .

  17. Seasons Greetings !

    Great video. I could Install all the Three Cameras at my Place.
    Few Clarifications required:
    1. Is there a desktop version of the app where I can view all three Cameras .
    2. How do you share / setup the cameras on IMOU app in multiple devices

    Thanks & Regards

    Mr K J Paul

  18. When camera is switched off and on PTZ goes back to default. Any way to fix?

  19. How to connect it to YouTube for live stream?

  20. Sir please tell me
    Sir I don't have Wi-Fi at my home. Sir can I use this camera to record on SD card without Wifi and watch it on my mobile.

  21. why can’t connect wifi ? Can’t reset again

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