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How to fix a dripping Hydramax power shower.

This is my own shower that has been leaking a little for some time now, but recently, it has gotten worse and now unbearable.

This is actually an older model hydramax show with the older cartridge. New models have a thermostatic cartridge that is not repairable and basicly needs to be replaced if they leak.

A service kit is available for this cartridge with all the orings.
I didn’t have a service kit, so I simply used o rings from the workshop.

No, a difficult job to do, just make sure to turn off the water valves and the shower braker on the mains board before opening it.

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  1. That shower is an essential tool for a greaser !! 🤣

  2. Shoud have put a bucket under it and timed 5 min, and calculated how much money you just saved

  3. Is there anything you can't fix? I'm from Argentina I'm sure you can fix our economy.

  4. Impressed that you took it apart with one hand!

  5. You know this geezer took apart everything in the house as a kid.. the lot

  6. How many months did the shower drip before you were fed up with your wife shouting at you to get it fixed 😂

  7. What, no heavy grease on the seal 😊

  8. Love the accessible localized shutoff valves. Can't have too many. Bullocks when have to shut water main off. 😊

  9. What actually is this thing? A pump? And why do you need this in a shower? I've been to Edinburgh some years ago and wondered what it could be.

  10. Hopefully you wore your wellies and not new boots!

  11. Should have shown turning off the power first .

  12. must be your OWN milfukee shower
    since you didn't just throw all the components in any direction

  13. Triton is the best showers I think, iv fitted plenty, they don't seem to give the same trouble as others do, but we'll done for fixing this one.

  14. Thankfully Milwaukee don’t make showers😜.👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  15. What brand do you recommend that doesn't break down often?

  16. You fix tools shower lights and your a baker. Is there anything you can't do

  17. Смазал хоть резиночки?

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