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How to Fix Premature Ejaculation NATURALLY | The Basics for Increasing Duration in the Bedroom

Russo helps men struggling with premature ejaculation in the bedroom and explains a few natural methods on how to fix this problem over time. Including kegel exercises, stopping pornography use, destroying your central nervous system in the gym, utilize edging, and reset your sensitivity.

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  2. I’m 19 and lost one of my balls from testicular tortion and I’m getting my test levels checked next week bc I feel like my libido hasn’t recovered or is near what it was and I’m constantly fatigued. I’m scared of not getting a boner with my gf and also worried about if my nut can recover naturally or if I’ll have to take trt or sum shit. What would y’all do if you were in my situation?

  3. Russo we need something us Men to ejaculate quicker! Some of us struggle with delayed ejaculation. We want to feel the feeling of finishing in under 2mins 😢

  4. I’ve found that edging helps and watching lots of porn by desensitizing can make me last for hours

  5. Kratom PE warning. This is not a message to preach. I have done quite a lot of experimenting and have been in bio hacking community since 2012, even though I never would post myself. Most experiments benefitted me.

    One of my only regrets was Kratom. For many reasons, but a surprised one was PE when quitting.

    Opioid users when they quit, struggle with PE during recovery. I was never an opioid abuser and always was able to control my ejaculate and I learned to master it to only do it when I wanted about 7 years ago (reverse kegels).

    I started taking Kratom as needed for pain and nothing changed initially. However, it turned to daily use eventually, which I take full responsibility for. Probably the worst mistake I have made the past few years. I would go to quit due to anhedonia (awful feeling) and at hour 30-72, would get hit with PE out of nowhere. Never had that feeling in my life. You know right away you are going to finish quick. The neurotransmitter damage daily Kratom use does causes this imbalance. Kratom quitters say it lasts about a month.

    For me, after 3 weeks I would improve. However, one time I upped my pregnanalone dosage and it took away the PE full stop. The reason I share this info is if you ever go through a spell of PE and you have traditionally had full control, looking at neurotransmitter function is important. I will never say “do not do Kratom”. That is up to
    Every individual. But I wish I never touched it. But that is just my experience.

  6. Ive used Dapoxetine if you plan on doing a video Russo I can provide some data.

  7. Waiting for a new peducation

  8. Keep beatin your meat 5 times a day till you get sick of it worked for me 😂😂😂

  9. Keep on sippin sir 💯💙💪

  10. This is exactly what needs to be said. Thank you russo for putting this out there. Its rarely taken seriously and the solutions given are ridiculous.
    Keep up the good work!

    Btw ive been using pea for 1 week now and i feel waaay better. Thank you

  11. Is there any advice for the opposite? I have no problem getting it up, but I rarely can finish

  12. Porn and masturbation did the opposite to me.

  13. This is an easy one,have more sex.

  14. PFS gave me pe. Are we getting any update video on that?

  15. How to get a libido is what i need after using ssris

  16. What about delayed ejaculation

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