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How to repair a figurine easy and professional way

It really sucks that this happen to us… But when it happens, we have to deal with it… so it’s better be prepared and have the knowledge or the answer to the problem. In this video we show you how to repair a figurine in an easy and professional way. Are you ready!?

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Electro-Light – Fall For Gravity feat. Nathan Brumley [NCS Release]

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Warptech feat. Cory Friesenhan – In The Stories [NCS Release]

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  1. "You have like 10 seconds to apply it… but take your time :)"

  2. when i accidentally did this to my sakura miku figurine i literally cried, harmed myself, and called myself stupid for breaking it, it was literally a bday gift from my half sister, i only had elmers glue so i used flex tape.

  3. You are literally saving my life

  4. Congrats!!! Good job.. don't try it at home but do it at yours friends home.

  5. Wow thanks I fix it nicely. It did show some white damages after the glue was attach and solid but I cover it with a lil dab from a sharpie lol

  6. This video is misinformation and IS NOT the professional way to fix a figurine. I wonder if you occasionally come back to this video and cringe at your old method.

  7. Iam literally trying to fix the same figure what a coincidence that I found this vid thanks

  8. That intro is just the guy wanting to flex his GF!

  9. My adventure with woodworking started with Stodoys.

  10. One of my fallen angels has just lost her wings because she was knocked off her shelf by a klutz.
    I will try the baby powder and super glue , not sure about drilling into her she's very delicate.
    I am fuming right now , think I will calm down before I do her wings.
    She is Anne Stokes and they are not easily replaced.

    Thanks for the vid

    UPDATE ……bought a dremel tool so now I can fix delicate breakages that need extra holding strength with fine wire

  11. “You can go to Home Depot or Lowaz”

  12. Thank you so much you are a life savior! My beloved Kullia action figure from https://senpaimart.com/collections/korekushon/products/hunter-x-hunter-forever-gon-killua-action-figure was broke by my younger brother. This easy way will help me to fix my figurine.

  13. And you have an scratchy miku ready to sell to buy another one

  14. The professional model assemblers use neodymium magnets to avoid the glue residue and makes for easy disassembly and transport.

  15. This was super helpful since my cat just broke my favorite figure

  16. What figure. Is this of her and did you gloss her? But I would love this figure

  17. Way to much work man. All you need to do is use that dremel to drill a small hole to the head and hair and use a small metal rod or even very small but strong magnets to hold it together. Glue is messy.

  18. Thanks for the amazing tutorial! One of the pegs broke on my Racing Miku figure and I needed to fix it, luckily I was able to dig it out and reattach it, thanks again!

  19. If you don't have a dremel, acetone is really useful in getting rid of excess glue. But be careful, since it also dissolves the paint of most figurines. The paint can be replaced with acrylic paint and a matte varnish if you mess up too bad

  20. Will this work on a figurine's broken very slender ankle-part of leg , where the leg and the broken bit don't even 'meet' properly anymore?

    And what is the name of the small drill you are using and referring to here?

  21. CAN you do a how to fix anami Mami knee figure fix 005?

  22. I have 3 broken Sonic the hedgehog figures. I will try this. 🙂

  23. What the fuck is that intro…

  24. Maybe you can give me some tips, I got Rin tonsaka figurine but it not a original , it have some kind of glue on the face and some area there paint is not good , what can I do?

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