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Node.js – YouTube 2 MP3 Converter Full Stack App for Beginners – Part 4/6

In this series, you’ll learn how to create a full stack application with node.js that converts a YouTube video to MP3. In this video, we subscribe to the YouTube MP3 API from Rapid API. We also setup our endpoint and begin making requests to the API.

Watch the entire series here:

Application to do list:
Lesson 1 – Install NPM packages and setup folder structure
Lesson 2 – Backend ( server )
Lesson 3 – Frontend
Lesson 4 – Get API key from the YouTube MP3 API
Lesson 5 – Send the project to GitHub with Git
Lesson 6 – Deploy the application on Heroku

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Originally posted 2023-11-23 03:18:56.


  1. Hi there! May I ask if I converted youtube videos to mp3, would it be a lifetime? Or for every converted videos it will deduct on the 200 request?

  2. When i click convert it's loading and show error

  3. its giving me Cannot GET /%25=%20song_link%20%25 after i click download 🙁

  4. Thank you so much. It worked for me, I cannot say how greatful I am to people like you who take time out of their day to put out content for us to learn

  5. im getting the error pop up saying invalid video id

    this is the id and i am using the part below… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cin11iLUkLU



  7. "Cannot POST /convert-mp3" error while pushing the goddamn convert BUTTON!

  8. That download button is not working I tried to do as you said in the video but it is not

  9. First off, thank you for the content! I just can't seem to find why I keep getting "localhost refused to connect" when I try to convert my videoID?

  10. Hi! I just finished writing the code and when I try to convert a video, it returns invalid Video Id

  11. Hello, thanks for running this tutorial. I coded along but only get a red box with a border after pasting in the video id. I copy pasted your code to check and for some reason the line ( const request = require('request'); ) in the app.js file crashes my app and it won't run with that line there. as far as I can tell that variable isn't even called so I am wondering how to get around that. Thanks again.

  12. Thank you so much mate! I'll use this project in my exposition, but i'll change the whole Front-End. Thank you so much, again. Should I leave the credits for you in the footer of my website? I don't mind doing it, it's up to you

  13. Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial. It works as intended ! Can I somehow put full URL? not just videoid after ?v= or is it hard-locked on API side?

  14. Hello i'm facing a problem as when i give the response of an undefined or null id the wbesite doesn't show up anymore (locally)

  15. Hi, when i click download i get the error 'Not Found'. Any suggestions?

  16. My download button works but takes me to a sketchy proxy website that wants me to "allow" notifications…

  17. Does not work for me, even though I copied your code from github 🤷‍♂ … After clicking the "Convert"-Button, nothing happens and instead of an Button just an box with a red margin appears

  18. Hey, im facing a problem…the moment i entered the video link and clicked convert, it didnt responded…instead of download button,its showing me "object object"….can u tell me how to correct this?

  19. Hey codefoxx, is it possible to move that actual audio file into our express server without downloading ??

  20. When i click convert i get a page that says not found. Do u know what might be causing this?

  21. I followed all your code but towards the end when i go to input a video id it doesn't show anything i believe my code isn't fetching the api for some reason any help with that?

  22. Cool. It is good to see your video.

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