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How to Setup Scan to Folder (Canon Copier to PC)

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  1. Why does this require you to go in and edit the Share Permissions and not just the NTFS Permissions for the user or device? You can do it over a SMB share with just NTFS Permissions. Everyone is on the list already and you do not need to do that extra step and remove it because everything is locked down by NTFS Permissions not the Share Permissions… this was obviously created by someone who does not know their Windows Permissions well. You should not change the share permissions because NTFS permissions will take precedence over it anyways. If you are setting up a simple Scan to Share or Folder setup and do not know how to just give a user or group in Active Directory then there is no need for that.

  2. very good tutorial, thank you Samantha

  3. Thank for nice information…. explained very nicely…usefull.

  4. In my info it only has an email account listed help

  5. thank you . really nice information u share . this is very Easy for us. thanks again .

  6. Hi, I tried scanning files from a canon 2006n to the folders of two servers (the first one is running windows server 2019, the second one is windows server 2008R2).

    I have no problems scanning files to the 2008R2 one but every time I scan files to the 2019 one, it returns error #806.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Great video. FYI, You ended the video saying “ you should see the folder you made on your Mac “ . Just an fyi, still understood.

  8. Thanks a lot, the issue was resolved but I keep on listening to this video for your beautiful voice 😀

  9. Excelentes video muchas gracias

  10. Please how do i scan to folders using Hp M880z printer? Please 🙏

  11. Your voice is irritating, Have some water before you start.

  12. Cannon User Name and password plz

  13. I have C3125 and C3226 and i cant scan from PC with C3226. Is it posible to scan from PC with MF Scan Utility and not from printer? I can do that with C3125 but I can't with C3226. I dont want to use scaning from Printer. I want PC software.

  14. ng – error code #801

    This has plagued me for a decade.

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. No one yet has been able to explain why.

  15. Thank you it works like a charm.

  16. on address book it shows 01 to 19 under favorites but shows not registered and no way to activate anything any thoughts?

  17. Wow this is like honestly the prettiest voice I heard in my life lol

  18. Just made me look like a genius 🤣. Thank you

  19. I notice that the computer you are using to test is not in an AD DN domain controller

  20. follow the same procedure but printer shows "specify the destination" after restart computer & printer no change

  21. I followed all the steps but its not working for me 🙁 the printer in i-SENSYS MF645Cx

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