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How to Fix Foot Drop in MS

Let’s talk about how to fix foot drop in MS! Foot drop in MS is typically one of the most prominent symptoms that can lead to challenges when walking. Join me today as I demonstrate what exercise you can do right from home to help fix foot drop in MS!

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  1. I have spasticity from hips which is restricting me to even stand on my own… What to do? Please help

  2. What has to be checked is if you have foot drop where you toe can't lift vs "tone" or spasticity in your calf. I had PT for "footdrop" for a year, had an AFO, etc, etc, ended up with a hip replacement from a shredded hip labrum and damage to my hip when in reality I had tone in my calf. I likely had some drop as well but the major problem was spasticity. Thankfully I now have a PT with better neuro training. I get 100 units of botox into my calf and back of thigh quarterly and am doing better…but this should be checked…not all of what people think is Foot Drop truly is

  3. I used to call it 'floppy foot' in the early days before my diagnosis πŸ˜… Your exercises are really helping, even tho it has only been a few weeks! (eg it's easier for me to pop the sock on my right foot.)

  4. I never heard of Footslap before but that's exactly what I have when i wear normal shoes and sneakers and i have footdrop when i wear lite canvas sneakers or a pair of crocks. I have a pair or Martial arts canvas sneakers called Kwons that i love. Thanks so much for this video and the exercises that you showed us!
    I have a question for you so when I land my foot on the floor should I try my best to land with my heel first? Thanks again for your videos!

  5. I had a stroke that affected my right side. Thankyou for this help in explaining how to improve my walking!

  6. I am tired of wearing out my favorite shoes under the front of my toes. I have been working on left leg weakness for over two years with such a small improvement that it is sometimes discouraging. This was helpful in thinking about just stretching out the tightness several times a day instead of "trying to remember" to do my PT exercises for 30-40 minutes a day.

  7. Super erklΓ€rt, vielen lieben Dank fΓΌr deine BemΓΌhungen. Habe die drei Varianten zusammen πŸ™ˆ

  8. I’ve been struggling with foot drop. However, I don’t have MS. I have chronic tight calves. I’m cautiously optimistic that these exercises will help.

  9. I am able to lift my knee and thereby compensate for foot drop if I stimulate my foot by a little pain by scraping it on the ground or touching cold grass. I know I need to work on plasticity to make pathways to walk normally but I am hoping that it will still strengthen my thigh muscles. Will it work against me or for me? What do you think?
    Also, I can’t lift my foot one bit for the exercise, though I can press down my toes, (I think I can do it when I walk because I use my hip.) so do I just β€œthink it” to hopefully start a pathway eventually?

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