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Transfer Any YouTube Playlist To Spotify Or Apple Music EASILY

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to transfer Any Existing YouTube Playlist to Spotify or Apple Music.

Link to transfer songs- https://www.tunemymusic.com/

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Originally posted 2023-11-21 17:55:20.


  1. Actual tutorial doesn’t start until 2 minutes in

  2. video is too talkative and not enough to the point.

  3. Not working. Said something when wrong .

  4. I got a DailyDakDk playlist on YouTube with over 1700 tracks ! I seriously need to move them over to Spotify 😎😎

  5. Great video, it worked perfectly 👏💯

  6. Hey buddy , thanks for the video but make the story shorter as it is annoying 8 minutes listening to explanation

  7. thank You Bro You Saved My Time

  8. What If wanna transfer one playlist to another ytube music account?

  9. Video starts at 02:25. You're very much welcome<3

  10. i thank you with a full heart. you have saved me from using up my time in transferring 219 SONGS!!!

  11. thanks so much! great tutorial!

  12. I transfered youtube to Spotify and now my Playlist is all random and messed up

  13. I transferred my playlist from YouTube Music app directly instead of YouTube. You click Share to get the Copy Link option.
    It says it transferred my playlist but I’m not seeing it in Spotify.
    Update: I logged into Spotify on my PC and I could see the playlist then when I went back to the app on my phone the playlist was there.

  14. Thank you I'm going to try it. You have explained what have been wanting to do but no one explained it more than you. By the way, I wish when you began to put your phone number in that you would have finished (at least to me anyway). You're very handsome. Thank You again, Jackie Wild…….💋

  15. Very useful info 👍🏽

  16. why would i import musics which is on spotify? i wanna import music which CAN NOT BE FOUND on spotify

  17. Tune my Music saved me so much time. Thank you Chaq!

  18. YouTube recommending him sai Baba 😂😂😂

  19. So this is how you do it EASILY!

    Ok 👌

  20. None of my songs worked or gave me different songs

  21. Can you put all your YouTube playlists on to a flashdrive?

  22. I dont have the option to User my Phone nummer to link my account. Can anyone help?

  23. not working too much… new songs are literally not found and used first song whats found… then… useless

  24. Thank you bro so much ❤!!

  25. bro this did not help. it does not actually transfer "the youtube mp3" if the youtube mp3 is not on spotify, it does nothing. if it is on spotify you can just serach it up?????????? no point….

  26. hey just wanna say they removed the continue with phone number part

  27. Pretty bad thing:
    it's the only thing i ever linked my spotify account to.
    after one month of using spotify noticed that music may just stop, pause and unpause all time, weird plailists were added to library and something or someone was listening again and again few songs i never hear before. checked full history from phone. thought my acc was stolen and changed pass and logout from anywhere with button in settings, didn't help somebody started to listen music again.
    in License agreement "tunemymusic" allowed to do everything from my name and check my activities. after unlinking it seems fine now.

    By the way. It trying to transfer using only name of song in original playlist and nothing else, 60-70% of music I got were wrong and ~10% weren't found at all

    Manual transef is better because no need to listen to every song in the playlist and be surprised that such a song was never on the list and you need to delete the current one and look for it again

  28. Does it sync any new songs on the youtube original list?

  29. How to change the email address for spotify

  30. Hello i just can across ur videos. Can please tell me how do i get back into my desktop i forgot my password 😫

  31. thankyou soo much brother

  32. Is there a free way to link my music to Spotify from my YouTube playlist? I need to work from computer (Mac) not phone.

  33. Mobile doesn’t work, I transferred an unreleased album called king mathers works on my pc but not my phkne

  34. Thank you so much bro holy

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