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Shitpoststatus Compilation V5

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Originally posted 2023-11-21 10:50:12.


  1. 9:15 that references an actual story

  2. Why ait no one talking about the Arby’s one

  3. 3:07 Rouge was out of pocket for saying that. If i was still a kid i woulda got ma dumbass snatched by her and like it.

  4. i watched thet wopper one over 50 times

  5. 1:40 what is this from it looks so wholesome

  6. 8:26 my lungs when i fall on a pencil

  7. 0:11 dang guess that i am his favorite white boy

  8. 8:06 hey I think that's one of the Lilliana-san…. animes…

  9. love how straight after spongebob saying that , thats the next thing to show up

  10. The thumbnail is from a particular artist that goes by suoiresnu
    You're welcome

  11. Tumb name >β– -β– 

  12. I found the sauce of the thumbnail but im not gonna tell

  13. That Whopper Walker one got me

  14. Lol this is the funniest things ever.

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