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How to Setup TP-LINK TL-WA855RE Range Extender

Experiencing WIFI Dead Spots in your Home? I setup a low cost WIFI range extender and I used TP-Link TL WA855RE. This affordable and compact Range Extender can boost your WIFI coverage at least 70sqm more within your home.

Setup your Range extender via web browser: https://youtu.be/hN7HFj-MiLk
Want 5g Range extender? Use this: https://youtu.be/GSDs4fLnVzk

Product link in Lazada: https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/tp-link-tl-wa855re-300mbps-wi-fi-range-extender-i697354575-s2015078917.html?exlaz=d_1:mm_150050845_51350205_2010350205::12:1032129542!52512091404!!!pla-294682000766!c!294682000766!2015078917!130073707&gclid=CjwKCAiAtK79BRAIEiwA4OskBhJGR-NlxT8xnz1KMKWkg6djxIhBMjyv5xVB3_bCOuHJbxdD-d1h1RoCgBwQAvD_BwE

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  1. Well thank you for this explanation it was great I wish other people would explain it like you, so just wanted to know is it pretty easy setting up with the spectrum modem?

  2. Hi. I know I'm late to the game. Thank you for this detailed explanation. I wanted to ask if you could use this as an extender to a router that already acts as a wifi repeater? My network setup is that I used a router as a repeater via an ethernet cable.

  3. How to change password on my extender as the wifi password also changed

  4. pwede po ba saksakan ng LAN cable?

  5. I tried this on STARLINK, it's not compatible

  6. Can I use a LAN cable for this extender?

  7. Paano pag dead point(wala na yung internet connection) and duon ko isasaksak yung range extender, aabot siya? and with the amount of speed na nabibigay ni mismong router?

  8. Thank you for your help. We used two of these a few years ago in our home. We purchased a new router about a year ago, so we put them away. Well some reason I need them again, so I pulled one of them out but forgot how to use it. Thanks again.

  9. Hi can you help me change the password for the wifi so the extender and main wifi will have different passwords

  10. Your explanation is amazing. I appreciate your effort bro. Keep it up 💪. I subscribed to your channel already.

  11. Not powerful enough for my 2 storey house….I need a different model

  12. Sir patulong po, nagkamali ako ng nailagay na password sa tp link range xtender ko sa wifi na kinonectan ko tapos ngayon di ko na maaccess ung range xtender ko pag naglolog in ako sa wifi..panu kaya to ma reboot?

  13. hi po! i’ve tried the method 1 and i think i followed your instructions. the blue light has also stopped blinking but i cannot find the extender once i try to connect my phone to it. can you help me po? thank you!

  14. very helpful.bro for a year i thought this was useless

  15. Hi! My problem is that the ext has no internet, but it is almost beside the router

  16. background music hinders presentation.

  17. after confirguring.. do i need to plug in LAN the main wifi router?

  18. It keep says "connected without intertet" and as a result, it doesnt open pages. Anyone has same problem?

  19. Sir ilang devices po kaya nito? Sabi po kasi ng iba sir 3 na devicea dina daw po stable connection?

  20. Di na need kabitan ng cable?

  21. this repeater can connect to 5g router?

  22. i can’t reset my tp link

  23. What was taking me hours, took me seconds after your video!! Thanks so much 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  24. hi!done installing but there is no internet connection when i select the repeater

  25. Finally! This worked. These are better instruction than those that came with the product. The first method worked, and it wasn't even in the instructions!

  26. Grabe solid na tut nito❤️

  27. You didn’t explain clearly how to do method one, do you have to press both buttons at the same time and hold it for few seconds????

  28. Lods pasagot naman pano kung wla wps button yung wifi namin makokonek padin ba yang wifi extender?

  29. Alin mas maganda xiaomi wifi repeater or eto?

  30. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH! After 15 or more videos, I finally was able to use my wifi repeater… Highly recommended guys! I'm using TP-link RE550… Same set up used as this tuturial, just follow what he says guys!

  31. So hindi na need ng another router at lannwire para maextend ang signal?

  32. Hi! Why I can't connect to the extended wifi, it say's "incorrect password" but I entered the same password as my wifi? Thank you for answering if ever😊

  33. boss kapag yung tether app method ba, nid pa open ang wps ng router at extender? thanks

  34. Question ko lang if multiple rooms ko gagamitin ito.. Sa main router ba talaga dapat sila naka connect? Or pwd ako gumamit ng router to switch to extenders?

  35. Solved my problem instantly! Damn wonderful 👍🏻💯

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