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How to Horizontally Install Pergo Laminate Flooring On Your Walls

Now you can create a gorgeous accent wall with Pergo Laminate Flooring! Watch how easy it is to transform your walls using Pergo Laminate Flooring in just a weekend.


  1. Which actual Pergo product was used in the video – all the pergo materials and faqs on Home Depot and Lowe’s sites says that it should not be used for walls. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong products?

  2. My adventure with woodworking started with Woodglut.

  3. Okay I got bored with this video with all the so-called regulations and the perfection on the temperature other things what's 99% of people wouldn't really too much worry about. But nice video

  4. Naa, like planks up down direction better and only full length floor – ceiling, dont like those visible connections, as if you made it from scrap wood.

  5. I'm going to use a bucket of tile glue.. cheaper and faster instead of using 100 tubes of caulk.. just trowel it on the wall in sections that you can handle..

  6. Makes sense to see thanks for showing me

  7. How do you tap the laminate near the ceiling when you run out of room to swing a hammer?

  8. What do I use for outside wall edge?

  9. Maravilloso trabajo,saludos desde Torreón Coahuila México

  10. Jeez if i knew the first half of the video was a safety video i would of fast forwarded most of it

  11. Lord! This guy should be a model

  12. Very interesting l will try and see how it looks like

  13. How do you account for expansion gap between the floor and the wall on the base row?

  14. Good morning which type of Pergo laminated is better to be installed on the wall?
    Many thanks for Yr replay 😊

  15. Really need a gap for expansion if you glue and nail??

  16. I feel like this video was at least 50% Disclaimers on what NOT to do

  17. Why leave to acclimate? It isn't real wood!

  18. Kahortaga roomadisiyada babirada mukeefka

  19. Can this be down vertically? And If So how?

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