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What is Dropshipping for Beginners? How to Make Money Online in 2021

If you’re intrigued by the entrepreneurial world and wondering how to make money online, you may have seen the term ‘dropshipping’ floating around, but what is dropshipping and how can you make money online with it?

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the term. In this video we’ll explain exactly what dropshipping is, and we’ll show you that it’s a viable business model for beginners to launch and run your first store.

When you’re running a store with the dropshipping business model, you’ll never need to worry about managing your own products, or finding a place to store them. Instead, whenever a customer places an order through your store, you’ll purchase the item from your supplier, and then it’ll be shipped from your supplier’s warehouse directly to your customer’s door.

The dropshipping business model is rapidly increasing in popularity, and it’s opening up the world of ecommerce to many more entrepreneurs like yourself. Once you know what is dropshipping on Shopify, you can start building your business acumen and turn that side hustle into a full time job.

You can start your own dropshipping business today with Oberlo and Shopify, and finally learn how to make money online. You don’t need any prior experience as an entrepreneur – all you need is a Shopify account and Oberlo.

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Key Moments:
0:00 What is Dropshipping
0:53 How to Market and Sell Online
1:57 Big Challenges in Dropshipping
2:47 Why Do People Get Into Dropshipping
3:21 Some Challenges With Dropshipping
4:09 How Do You Get Started With Dropshipping

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Here are some useful resources:

What is Dropshipping? : https://www.oberlo.com/blog/why-you-should-care-about-aliexpress-dropshipping

For tips, tricks, and all things ecommerce, check out Oberlo’s blog: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/

You can start your own dropshipping business today with Oberlo. Sign up, it’s free: https://apps.shopify.com/oberlo

For step-by-step guides to optimize your store, visit the Oberlo Support Center: http://support.oberlo.com/

For details on how Oberlo integrates with your Shopify store, head over to Shopify : https://www.shopify.com/oberlo

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  1. I dont understand do i have to order the orders from my website manually from my supplyer

  2. in dropshipping who will take the responsibility of delivery ? supplier or us ?

  3. When customer place order through my store on my price of the product to then I'll place order to the supplier using customer information and the bill he get of the product of the supplier rate..
    Then what we do…

  4. Or, you could get some real education, develop real professional skills and/or qualifications and get a real job working with interesting people and being well paid for it. It's called a career.

  5. So each time a costumer order an product it will directly goes from the producer? and when costumer buy a product does my money pay the producer and I get paid from the costumer automatically?

  6. I’m 14 who wants to make my parents retire, this will help and ima try to work hard

  7. What if you publish a product in your store and the supplier's product gets sold out? How do you check availability of every supplier's product you publish in your store? 🙄

  8. @oberlo can you or someone else help me, i'm from europe i have items in china wich i want to sell inside USA on my ebay, seller can ship items in USA but can someonehere tell me company names in usa or some personal dropshiper you know wich can recieve my goods and pack them in bubble envelopes and ship them inside USA with USPS after i sell them on my ebay?

  9. Yes let’s rename scalpers and call them drop shippers

  10. Can I do drop shipping here in Nigeria?

  11. Just turned 16 I’m trynna get in drop shipping

  12. Drop them below 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  13. am I the only one that says oberlo is unavailable?

  14. Need a supp supplier? Hit up on demand fulfillment ask for kameron.

  15. hey man how do i find a supplier?

  16. You work for 40yrs to have $1m in your retirement, Meanwhile some people are putting just $10k in a meme coin for just few months and now they are multi millionaires. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  17. Hi thank you – do I need and ABN to start and register my business name and also how do I set up a website or landing page?? many thanks

  18. Do you negotiate the seller/supplier that your going to use their product for a dropshipping business?

  19. Bro thanks u give such amazing info

  20. God dam every video drags out saying what this shit is fuk sake

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