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How to repair a hole in the ceiling – Repairing a Plasterboard Ceiling / Drywall Ceiling

How to repair a ceiling hole. Fixing a hole in the ceiling. Patching a ceiling. A complete step by step DIY tutorial on repairing a hole in a plasterboard ceiling / drywall ceiling, that might have come from a water leak, or someone putting their foot through it!

This is a complete guide from start to finish. I take you through marking and measuring up the hole, cutting the hole square with a Multi-Tool, measuring up and cutting your Plasterboard to fit, and finally fitting the Plasterboard into position with Dry Wall Screws.

Magnetic Wrist Strap used for holding the screws:

Makita Impact Driver and Combi Drill set used:

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  1. I did the exact same thing.

  2. Cheers buddy really helpful this got me out of the doghouse

  3. thanks for this. panic searching as I've just installed an involuntary skylight in the master bedroom.

  4. Great video. Thanks for the advice. 👍

  5. Great video! Is there anything to be aware of if you're replacing a small section of ceiling that was water damaged? Aside from fixing the source of the water damage first.

  6. Thanks for this. I'd never even considered cutting away more of the ceiling but it's clearly the right way to do it.

  7. Superb video! This is one of those jobs that looks dead simple but infact isn't, it requires more thought when things are out of square. Have subcribed and look forward to more of these.

  8. Good video, great workmanship. Im going ti have to do a repair job like this or pay a company.I can't believe i put my foot through.But i guess it was a mistake,like yours. Cheers

  9. Can’t understand a word he’s saying. 😂

  10. So, not repairing a ceiling?

  11. Thanks for taking your time to post this video. Nice and easy instructions. Now I need to try to patch up my damage Thet I caused by putting my foot in from the loft and made a right mess in my cream carpet and partner not at all happy! The problem is my ceiling is one of the old type slatted ceiling rather than just a plasterboard. May have to get a professional in but before I do that I will have a go (& no doubt make a more mess!!)

  12. Thanks I found that on Argos just for 29 pounds price dropped from 39

  13. hi can you tell me cutter you are using from where we can buy it what that exactly called

  14. Just sub. Please sub back please💙

  15. Nice channel, subbed! Would love support back!💕

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