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How to Repair a Wood Drawer Slide on a Vintage Dresser

How to repair loose or broken wooden drawer slides or glides on a vintage dresser including how to make a new slide, and tips for reattaching loose ones.

For the corresponding blog post go here: https://www.shadesofblueinteriors.com/how-to-repair-a-wood-drawer-slide-on-a-vintage-dresser/


  1. Fucking gorgeous woman. Wow😮

  2. Upon unboxing, I was immediately upset at how the rails were very noticeably bent. But I kept going, all tools needed to assemble were included https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxqtX4Dxs6aecAZEuz6GY5-d81YecKCshn and I had it set up in about 30 minutes. Honestly I love this thing, make sure to read the measurements and measure your space so you know if it'll work for you. I bought this to put inside my closet, underneath where I hang my clothes and it is absolutely perfect! It is VERY sturdy and all drawers glide easily and mine are stuffed, and they are still flush when closed.

  3. Do you have a video on
    How to add drawer stops
    On this kind of wood slide?

  4. Nice job! But please use screws, not nails, on a drawer glide–it incurs too much repetitive movement and weight to rely on nails. Eventually, they'll stretch the holes they're in and the repair will be needed again. I love that you restore these old classics! Thanks for sharing.

  5. how do you make a missing channel that is on the drawer? I can not find a replacement for it.

  6. I have this kind of glide on a small cabinet I just bought. The drawer begins tipping off the glide as I open it, so the front dips. And there is no stop, as seems to be the case with your drawer. Are there any solutions to these problems? The glide is very well glued to the drawer. Otherwise, I'd just replace the whole thing.

  7. Thanks for the video. I was wondering how to repair the worn wood on the sides of the drawers in the dresser. The wearing has caused the drawer to be lower than it should be and the drawer tracks are making marks on the exterior of the drawer as it slides in and out.

  8. I have a problem, how do you change the depth of a drawer from thin to deeper? It's only about 2 inches high, not high enough to put books in. How can you reconstruct it?

  9. I love the carpentry…but by golly you are a beautiful lady! Would a pair of digital calipers not give you more accuracy on the measurement of the insert or is that a bit overkill?

  10. Thank you! I have a vintage dresser with this problem. The little tip with the hammer at the end is so clever too.

  11. I'd suggest using furniture wax on the slide and back side of the dresser as well. Makes it glide in and out nicely

  12. This vid confirms i need to hire a carpenter… Thanks!

  13. OMG, you used a nail gun… Ok That does it… I am not buying a nail gun… Im thinking it's time to just buy new furniture.

  14. Why not have home depot cut the wood for you or better just buy the correct size you needed? Did you rent a power saw or buy one just to repair furniture? I am thinking, it may be better to pay someone to fix the drawer instead of trying this yourself. This is loads of scary work…

  15. Just shy? does that mean to longer, narrower, or shorter?

  16. I just turned my gliders around and nailed them back into place.

  17. Thanks for that, Im just off to try to fix my drawers now, fingers crossed, would be nice to actually be able to open them.

  18. I have been looking forever and found yours. My piece is all one, maybe made with a router. I have two drawers with problems so I’m going to try to saw off the broken sides by using a edge cutter and then add a new side. Wish I could find a new slide or make my own but not that good with a router or table saw. Thanks for posting.

  19. Cool video. However, you should take instructions from Woodprix if you want to learn how easy it is to do.

  20. I'm pretty sure you can still buy plans with all the details you need on Stodoys.

  21. Very nice design – congratulations.  I plan to do similar, but I like these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ2bH-R5Duw

  22. Can you add additional slides for more stability?

  23. This is so helpful thank you!!!

  24. Thank you!!!!! We just came across that problem with a dresser we are redoing! Off to the hardware store……🤪🤪

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