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Broken Bird Bath Restoration. How to repair a broken garden ornament, statuary, bird bath.

Watch as I restore a broken Bird Bath to its former glory.
I stumbled upon this broken bird bath and felt compelled to save it from being thrown away. Determined to restore its former glory, I embarked on a mission to repair it. Armed with a potent landscape adhesive, I carefully secured the broken pieces, ensuring a strong bond. To achieve a flawless result, I skillfully applied crack filler, seamlessly blending it with the surface.
Deliberating over the perfect hue to complement my backyard, I opted for a rich, dark sandstone pigment that exudes elegance.
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00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Cleaning
00:50 – Repairing
02:10 – Fixing cracks
03:15 – Weather sealing
03:30 – Undercoating
04:10 – Painting
06:20 – Sealing


  1. Enhance Your Restoration Projects with this must have tool : https://youtu.be/7KSFY8xzjgU

  2. Beautiful repair job!!!! ❤

  3. I don't understand why you use UV protectant under the paint? The paint will fade because it is on top.

  4. Wonderful work! I advise everyone to watch the work of the master!

  5. Hi again I now going to try and fix my one. What size dowels did you use?

  6. cheap cinch straps work a lot better! nice job tho! thx

  7. half my bowl is long gone. how do i rebuild half of the bowl? ty

  8. Why do you only seal the outside of the bowl? Thank you!

  9. Where do I find a little power washer like that?! Excellent video! Thank you!

  10. Please state the brand names of produc5s used to fix and seal

  11. I Don't believe it this is the exact same bird bath that I have, which is broken. I hope liquid nails is strong enough to hold the actual bath together

  12. Fantastic job 👏👍 wow ⭐

  13. Didn’t say what was used🤔

  14. I am glad to see you showing your kids that things can be repaired and reused. Not to just throw it away and get a new one.

  15. it turned out beautiful. And the best part for me….no talking. I lose interest if there is too much jibber jabber….LOL….Thanks! I picked up some great tips.

  16. Thank you for posting this video! It explains clearly and slowly how repairs are done. I’m subscribing now. Looking for more videos!

  17. man I was wondering how you were going to put it back together – so appreciate sustainability, this would have been thrown out and you breathed a new life to it. Amazing job!

  18. I love seeing your children getting involved and making memories! We did that with our children also! Love the statue repair! Great job!

  19. Hands down the cutest restoration channel. Good job with this, it cleaned up a treat!

  20. Nice one 👍 good to see you got that paint brush into all the cracks. Bet the kids had fun helping out.

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