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How to repair a huge t-shirt hole | Darning Technique

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  1. Thank you SOO much for the 25k views 💖!

  2. Wow! She's REALLY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES! I'm just a country boy who likes to fix everything from heavy equipment to a hole in my shirt so I appreciate these videos! You're good at explaining things without over complicating them! Plus you're CRAZY CUTE so I might have to subscribe just cause of that!?🤪… Haha! Just kidding! But seriously, thank you!!!😊😋

  3. Can you wash this in a washing machine or will it come undone?

  4. Beautiful ❤ I was actually looking for a vintage sewing machine patching for stretchy materials, but this is beautiful, requires only yarn and no need of a machine. No waste, less need for new materials. I also like the look of very visible mending, specially because it helps spread the word and wear it with pride. Thank you! 😃

  5. Thanks for posting this tutorial! One of my friends asked me to repair their favorite sweater and I thought it was just a rip, but after looking a little more closely I found that it was actually a very large hole! I really wasn't sure what to do until I found this video.

  6. What a terrific video! I have a beautiful Tye-dyed tank top my sister gave me years ago before she died. I LOVE this shirt for many reasons but I’ve worn it to death and have a huge hole around my belly. Any suggestions how I should repair this? I’ll send you a photo if you would like😃

  7. I almost did it this way years ago I thought I was wrong great video thanks

  8. Black on black? Can’t see anything

  9. Well impressed you did an excellent job

  10. I understand why u need the circle thingy now…

  11. It's too hard to see what you're doing. I think because it's black on black.

  12. you are so cute!! thank you for the help

  13. Quite cunning of you to select a black t-shirt, it would look MUCH worse in a lighter color fabric.

  14. Thank you my partner wants me to fix her comfy pants and I had no clue how to do it. Now I do!

  15. How about in bedsheet but same issue on your shirt?

  16. I would totally let her see my clothes

  17. Thanks for this! My mom ordered a really nice hoodie for my son, and one of her dogs chewed the package & hoodie up before she could bring it inside. There is a big hole in the hood, and she gave it to me for mending, even though I don’t sew garments. 😳🤦🏽‍♀️ Now I’ll be able to repair it and get it to my son at university in time for cooler weather. ✌🏼💜🛼

  18. The explanation isn’t very good I also wish you would’ve used another color to see it more clearly

  19. how do I print out the instructions to this technique

  20. Ok, so it looks like how I’d darn a hole in a sock. Black on black is so hard to see, as others have said, pls do it again with lighter colors. But great job.

  21. Nice. Smart way to mend the holes in the kids pants & pajamas. We call it 'Rafu' technique, gives you a perfect finishing.Thanks for sharing.

  22. Should have used a different color thread for contrast.

  23. A worn and torn T Is cool 🤘🏻

  24. Using black did not show what you are doing and there was no clarity to your stitches as we cannot see your handiwork. Please redo your stitches again using a lighter colour fabric because your idea seems interesting, thank you for sharing

  25. Thanks you for you tutor.. have you tutor by sewing machine because i have a lot hole on my favorite shirt

  26. I'm sure this is a great tutorial, but I can't see what you're doing with the thread.

  27. I am very new to embroidery and I have a book with the different stitches and I still couldn't make this. It would have been helpful if your thread was a different color than the garment because you can't see what you are doing! I guess I'll just patch my bedspread because I can't keep up with anybody because they go too fast and describe things that you don't know what it is like backstitch for instance, vi knew it was a stitch but I don't know how to do many of the stitches. I'm going to go back to machine sewing!

  28. I had a TIIIINY hole on my jeffree star shirt, so it was harder to do this, it's not perfect… but it works! Thank yoUUU

  29. By the way you have a great slim tummy 😉😉

  30. Please tell me , how to do this on jeans ….. please reply fast , it's urgent!!!!!

  31. Can you do my shoes🙏 if not imma need a private lesson lol 😂 aka please help

  32. This is incredibly clever and I’m absolutely going to give it a go. You just saved a valuable piece of clothing for me

  33. Thank you! Trying this it looks nice 👍

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