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How to Fix Ankle CRACKING and POPPING Sounds

Dr. Rowe shows how to fix ankle popping, snapping, and clicking sounds FOR GOOD.

As a bonus, all of these exercises can be done AT HOME and may help get rid of ankle click, pop, and crack sounds in as little as 30 SECONDS!

This video will be broken up into an EASY, effective step-by-step guide that’s going to target the main causes of pop and crack sounds in (and around) the ankles.

In the FIRST part, we’re going to tackle a huge culprit of snapping ankles, that is muscle tightness and irritation to muscle tendons. We’re going to go over a simple and effective self massage that will help loosen everything up and get the ankles, Achilles tendon, and calves moving more smoothly.

The SECOND part is going to focus on a big instigator of ankle popping and clicks: lack of joint mobility. Easy stretching exercises are shown that will help improve ankle movement, and help with issues such as osteoarthritis and crepitus.

THIRD, we’ll focus on fixing muscle imbalances and weakness (which may lead to pops and cracks) in and around the ankles with strengthening exercises.

WATCH now and get rid of ankle snapping and popping sounds for good!

Link to foam roller: https://amzn.to/3priAn2

0:00 Intro
0:43 Ankle Soft Tissue Release
3:46 Stretching Exercises (Mobility Fix)
9:16 Ankle Strengthening Exercises


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  1. I snapped a ligament 10+ years ago and it’s been clicking on and off this whole time but you’re telling me I could’ve rubbed a spoon on it and it’s good now?? Thank you magic man from the Internet

  2. I hope this works, I am 13 and have had that since I can remember, very annoying, and since I play basketball and am always running, it's so annoying.

  3. My ankle started popping and clicking about six months ago. I pop it on purpose over and over at night in bed. Now, it’s injured and feels like broken glass in there.
    Time for PT.

  4. I recently suffered from an ankle sprain , I am not sure if it is a crack but I have had sounds pop out of my left ankle each time I try to move it , the doc suggested for an MRI . Will doing this xause any further damage to ne ankle ?

  5. Absolutely great….so much love and respect from india…i was so tenced…u resolved in just 2 min…thanku sir

  6. I want to rid it but i was scared if i will mis it😭cause i have it for like 16 years and i flex that to my friend like some special ability for whole 16 years

  7. I always wake up and slam my ankle to the floor too pop it. I though it was normal 😂

  8. Doc.. I don't experience pain n my foot to ankle.. My problem S all about my feet experience .there r times I felt weightless of my foot especially n my right foot.. .
    Please help me doc.. to solve this problem..
    Thank u so much doc….

  9. All my life my ankles have been making sounds that truly remind me of a god damn .22 LR firing a sub-sonic round…

  10. Thank you for the video. Are these exercises safe for people who have knee pain?

  11. Wow this was extremely painful…but eased out all my tension.thanknyou doc

  12. I've had this for my intire life thx

  13. So this works for everybody in the world except me ?

  14. I am super active and for many years my ankles would always crack for no reason, I will walk and almost every step I take it will crack, or if I do calf raises they will crack, I tried these but they still crack

  15. Wow great help. I'm experiencing pops in my ankles😊 will try this daily

  16. Wow the stick one is insane, it's like being able to feel parts of your body after the stretch that were so tight you couldn't feel them. Helps me to breathe better

  17. Should you do any of these if you have slight foot swelling and varicose veins in the ankle?

  18. What if it’s not tightness but my ankle feels loose

  19. I sprained my ankle 8 months ago almost 9. It was swollen for a few months and did the RICE method. As of last week, my ankle pain came back but the inward part of my foot. The pain was so unbearable it hurt to walk. Soaked my foot twice and day in cold and hot water and IBU. Pain has lessen, however lingering. Dr recommend an MRI so I’m hoping nothing serious. I’ve notice with the pain, my ankle pops in the same spot I sprained it. Only does it in the counter clockwise position.

  20. When I do jumping jacks I literally play melody with my ankles at least they dont hurt. Beside them I never had any serious cracking in my body. I started some exercises hopefully one day it stops.

  21. Tq so much my ankle always make noise after I get out of the bad for sahur in Ramadan..and search video for recovery's my ankle and I see your vd after 3 day I watch this vd my ankle feel more comfortable..sory for my bad English because I'm from malaysia

  22. And don't forget to lock the door.

  23. I can move a bone in my ankle it doesn’t hurt but I hate it

  24. Having a lot of crackinh sounds after I sprained my ankle badly 😢

  25. Unfortunately the popping is still there, the frequency of the sound was even much higher after these exercises

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