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How to Install Train Horns Ford F-150 Motorz #23

Chris shows you how to install a real 180dB train horn kit on our project truck with 4 horns, a 3 gallon air tank and a 160 PSI air compressor.

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Show notes: http://www.motorz.tv/blog/1125/ford-f-150-train-horn-installation/


  1. Hi Chris I am looking for shop in surrey bc to install the horn to my 2008 Range Rover if you have any idea any shop in surrey bc tact me plz thanks

  2. Can't wait to get my train horn. First things first though I have to get the truck to put the train horn in.

  3. Can I use an 8gal air tank for the compressor pair?

  4. A flip switch is the worst idea for this, you want something that is more like a button

  5. Whats the horn called on the intro?

  6. There is two black wires coming from horn which one i + and – ?????

  7. 35s was considered big back then 😂😂

  8. Did this guys use to do like fire fighter documentary’s? Or some videos like that?

  9. For those u just gotta drill and dont wana pay $80 or so for a dremel just get a plumbers inside cutter for your drill $10 at home depot

  10. time to prank.. when I get a car. lol

  11. I'll never understand why you and so many others, when they fit air horns, also choose to fit a button separate to the steering wheel horn pad???

    When you need to sound the horn in an emergency, it is natural instinct to press the steering wheel horn. By the time you remember where the airhorns button is and get your finger onto it, you've lost a second or two….which could be the difference between having a crash and not!

    Here's my suggestion. Remove the press button and replace it with a ON/OFF toggle or rocker switch. One wire to the relay (as already exists) and the other one to the factory horn wire.

    Now, when the new switch is in the ON position, the airhorns will sound whenever you press the factory horn (the factory horn will still sound too, but you won't be able to hear it!!!).

    If the cops want to check your horn works at a roadside stop, and you don't want to risk getting a ticket because the airhorns will make the cop soil his pants, then just flick the switch and when you press the steering wheel horn, only the factory horn will sound.

  12. This compressor is not pretty dangerous in the car?

  13. im mounting mine on my roof pointing at the slow people in front of me

  14. This makes me miss Motorz on Spike. This show got me intro cars as a teen.

  15. What is the maximum of psi in tank in order to blasts this horn to the max? Please advise. Thanks

  16. do you think this would fit in my 1978 ford f-250 camper special?

  17. I like you videos and where did you get these things and how much money do I need to buy the big train horn for the pick up truck

  18. I wonder how long those horns will last once they get water and road grime all up in them….

  19. 180db?!?! Even most rockets aren't that loud!

  20. nice little Def Lep at the end

  21. My positive wire to the compressor gets hot.

  22. Lol is that Old Poway Park

  23. Now does the compressor auto shutoff when the tank fills up?

  24. I seen a kit for $1,000 and the cheap kit $279.98

  25. so if u get a flat just blast on the horn till it sorts itself out then huh?

  26. So, when you get a flat, you get to install the horn and drive home?… Very smart replacement… A spare tire for a horn…

  27. guy needs to add in one paper cup, to catch the drilling while drilling above his body.

  28. Definitely not a real train horn. If you get a Nathan or a Leslie, then I will agree

  29. Surely you could of also made those little lights in those switches work too.

  30. on the solenoid on the horn with the two black wires how do you tell which one is ground and which one is hot or does it matter which way you hook them up

  31. That's the kind of train horn you put on a Power Wheels truck.

  32. Only a dumbass kid would do this to their truck, or any vehicle for that matter.

  33. tbh I'd love to put one of these in my 2000 ranger. no body would expect it from a completely stock lil truck

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