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How to Repair Leather Cracks and scuffs with Luxury Leather Repairs Crack/Crease Repair Kit

Want to repair cracking in your leather or vinyl? This easy to use kit is a great way to get an amazing result!!

This is a demo of our all-in-one, easy-to-use Luxury Leather Repair Leather/Vinyl Crack/Crease Kit. This Leather Repair Kit is designed to be used on protected/pigmented/top coated leather. This can includes Automotive Leather Repair, Leather Furniture Repair, Boat Leather Repair, Vinyl Repair and more.

We carry more than 1,300 dyes for more than 40 manufacturers and have over 60 Stock Furniture Colors. We also offer Custom Color Matching if we do not have your specific color available.

Luxury Leather Repair All-in-One Automotive and Furniture Leather Dye is made to recolor your automotive leather, vinyl and plastic. The All-In-One automotive leather dye means the base coat for adhesion and the top coat for sealing are mixed with the color into one formulation. Our leather dye is professional grade made from the same pigments and base that are used by major leather tanning factories all around the world.

Do not forget to order cleaning & maintenance products. We recommend our DyeNamic Clean which is an all purpose cleaner for leather, vinyl, plastic & rubber. For continue maintenance, we recommend Leather Master Vital Conditioner & Protection Cream. Leather Master is well known for their water-based products. It will keep your leather soft and supple for years to come.

Tip for Selecting Color: If you are unsure of your vehicles interior color, call your local dealer parts department and provide your VIN#. They can give you the exact color name. Our colors are matched to the OEM color name.

Do not use on unprotected Aniline, Nubuck or Suede. It will add a protective top coat and change the feel.

Buy Luxury Leather Repair Leather & Vinyl Crack/Crease Repair Kit at https://autoleatherdye.com/collections/leather-repair-kits/products/automotive-leather-vinyl-crack-crease-repair-kit

Visit our website to check out our complete line of leather and vinyl dyes and leather and vinyl cleaning and care products: http://autoleatherdye.com

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  1. So I’m trying to repair some cracks and peeling on my bonded leather furniture. In one case most of the arm rest has developed small cracks. Will this effectively seal those cracks in and prevent further cracking/spreading to further areas?

  2. I am going to order some dye from you guys but have a question. How would you fill the side of the seats that are harder and thicker leather and bend when sat on (sides of BMW X5 seats)

  3. LOL his gf totally ninja'd his seats LOL

  4. After performing crack repair with this kit, what products would you recommend to keep leather conditioned and protected from UV?

  5. Awesome product, just repaired my wife's car seat.

  6. GREAT video!! I have a 2012 Mercedes E350 Vin match says leather color is LEATHER/NAPPA/SEMI-ANILINE – BEIGE 855A "did not see it on your list. Is there another number to look for??

  7. I also what to know how much the repair kit costs.

  8. Hello. I'm very interested in your product, however like Kristen I have a 2010 Lexus Ls 460 with cream leather seats, is the anyway you could match the color. If so, what do I need to send you to do so?

  9. Using your finger…no no. Supply a plastic spatula, cost you cents…..What about the grain texture that is missing ? Not a good repair man…..

  10. Also, with regards to the dye color…rather than sending in a swatch of my seat,
    Would you be able to go by my cars RPO code?

  11. Thank you for the video!!
    I’m definitely interested in purchasing this kit. But curious if it will work on my 2010 Lexus (tan) seats. I don’t think they’re made out of real leather. Thanks so much in advance!

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