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Here is a video showing how to DIY reglaze, paint, or refinish your Kitchen Sink using Krylon Tub and Tile Spray can.

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List of materials:
Single Edge Blade
Single Edge Blade Scraper
Scotch Brite Scrubbing pad
All purpose cleaner or Comet
220 Grit Sandpaper for Orbital Sander
Orbital Sander
Tack Cloth
Bulldog Adhesion Promoter (Wipe on)
Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer Turbo Can (Larger Spray Nozzle)
Krylon Tub and Tile Aerosol Spray Can (2 cans for proper coverage)

1″ white masking tape
12″ x 60yd Masking paper
1.41″ Masking tape (orange or blue)
Paper Towel


  1. Hey Everyone: Thanks for watching. Keep in mind that some areas of the video are focused on more than others. If you would like to see how I mask off a bathtub or surface please check out the masking video. There are also other process specific videos on the channel. Thanks for watching and I hope that you learned something from this video.

  2. Good morning, i have a 6 year old sink – just some scratching and the scratches turn brown. scrub out with baking soda, but they just come back. Do I need to do all of this or is there a quicker process? thank you

  3. I have a Clay made sink, can I use the same repair kit to fix it?

  4. Where does one find Bulldog Adhesion Promoter (Wipe on) version? I found a spray version and it says it is for plastic surfaces. Is the spray version Ok to use on a rusted sink surface? Thank you.

  5. Can barely hear your voice because the music is too loud

  6. I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. That is an absolutely remarkable restoration of sink. I would have never imagined it was possible and furthermore we live in such a throw it out and get another one world. It's really good to see that items can be restored and refurbished to perfection. You're amazing simply amazing😮

  7. The spray has bad review online, just an fyi

  8. I generally see and hear bad things about the duability of painting a sink due to the conditions the sink sees and the thinness of the layers. How did the finish stand up over time?

  9. Hello DP Tubs, I have a brand new Manmade/Composite Bath Sink that came undermounted on a Stone Effects/Granite-like Cultured Marble Vanity Top that has some scratches: can it be lightly sanded (with a 3M Wetordry P800 sandpaper) and buffered with a professional buffer electrical tool to restore it? Please advise; thank you very much!

  10. Out of the countless videos I've watched on sink reglazing, this one is by far the best! Well done(:
    I have a question though. Is the bulldog adhesion promoter a necessary step? Will the primer and glaze not adhere without it?
    I ask because I can only find bulldog online at $60 or above which is more than I'd like to spend with my tight budget. Is there a cheaper alternative that will still work?

  11. Do you think this would work on a plastic utility sink ?!

  12. Thank you for this but at 4:18 you skipped over showing the bonding agent aka Bulldog. What does that process look like and is there another brand/product similar because nothing like that comes up at Home Depot or Lowes.

  13. This was very educational, thank you.

  14. Can you reapply glaze to a bathroom sink that is already glazed or do you have to strip it down to the metal and start over?

  15. The product for priming is called bull’s-eye 123, he said bulldog. Easy mistake.

  16. I bought all the supplies you listed. Did you really use 2 cans of the Tub & Tile spray? I haven't even used one can. Am I not applying enough? I've done 4 coats of the Krylon Tub & Tile and some of it is very nice and glossy and smooth, some is still rough and not as shiny. Do I just keep putting on layers? It doesn't spray as nice as the other two products.

  17. Do I let the bonding age (Bull Dog) dry before applying the primer?

  18. This is a VERY helpful video. I made some errors in my last attempt and it turned back to yellow pretty quick. The steps you took here will make a big difference. Thank you!

  19. Great video. I plan on doing this with a porcelain sink. However, I can not find the Bulldog Adhesion Promoter. What do you recommend as a substitute?

  20. When applying the three coats of paint, did you sand before you applied that next coat of paint? My finish has come out a little rough and definitely not glossy in appearance.

  21. How long will this last? Many many years ago I used a 2 part epoxy on a tub. It wasn't long before it started to bubble/pull away from the tub and peal and chip.

  22. Great video! It helped me tremendously so…THANK YOU! On a side note, it is amazing how trivial people can be complaining about your music choice. Some people's kids. Anyways, thank you again!

  23. Do not do this, it doesnt not last with all the pots and pans you will be cleaning in the sink. Change it out for stainless steel.

  24. I’m not able to purchase these brands. Maddening!

  25. this is a crap process, peels in no time, this video is a waste of time and money

  26. Sir, if I may ask… where did you purchase the Krylon Tub & Tile… I cannot find it… Home Depot, Lowes, local hardware, Sherwin Williams stores, Amazon… nothing.

  27. Thanks for the video. It's been a year since this was posted, so I'm curious how it held up?

  28. I have a green sink. What do you recommend for coverage to ensure the green does no show through.

  29. Don't use your sink for 3 days? Impossible in my house.

  30. The worst choice of background music I think I have ever heard! I almost couldn't watch this because of it! Really obnoxious!

  31. do a follow up after 2 years there is the proof sir hope it works for you

  32. Can this entire process and chemicals work for tile counter tops?

  33. Do you just kind a zoom right by this bulldog bonding agent? How important is that and where do you get it?

  34. Hopefully one day I can do this to my sink but paint it black. I'm sick of my white sink that has to be bleached all the time because the stains are so stubborn.

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