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How to Install Windows 7 From a USB Drive Tutorial Guide Walkthrough NCIX Tech Tips

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US: http://us.ncix.com/search/?categoryid=0&q=windows+7+dvd+oem

Want to be able to install Windows on a machine without a CD/DVD optical drive? This guide is the one for you! It’s also a lot more convenience (not to mention faster) than carrying around discs!


  1. , can anyone tell me how to install windows 7 into another hard drive while windows 7 is running and the os 7 I want to install is in a USB? 🤔

  2. Thank you mate! Still worked in 2022!

  3. I watched this after building my first PC, and now I watch Linus every day. Back then I knew enough to be dangerous, now I can build a pretty sick PC from everything he has taught me.

  4. 10 years and i find myself coming back to this video to still using this tech tip.

  5. Linus tech tips be like: more fragile then our old channel

  6. bruh he looks so different now

  7. doesn't work with iso files it says it needs usb 3.0 drivers

  8. In 2012 after watching your video i became a tech expert in my friends..i installed windows and formatted 8-10 pcs

  9. Still my go-to video every few years when I do a fresh Windows install. One would think that I would have remembered all the steps by now…

  10. He got rid of that Yeeyee ass haircut

  11. When Rufus didn't exist 😀

  12. OMG Look at Linus's hair. lol

  13. 6 years later and still using these vids when i build my kids PCs! thank you linus

  14. who is still using this in 2020?

  15. You think he was wearing sandals back then as well?

  16. A Journey of Installation To Boot Whats Happening With Your Hairs

  17. can someone tell me why I'm watching this in 2019?

  18. What happened to your hairs Linus….

  19. I got bald after installing it dafuq…

  20. I have a sapphire but whenever I spam F7 all I get is the damn menu on how you want to load FreeDOS, I've been on this for months and can't figure out what to do, please HELP!!!

  21. Anyone else gonna hold out on Windows 7 until virtually no programs support it?

  22. what's this crap "as long as you have a legitimate license." ?

  23. Is was made on my birthday yay 🥳

  24. 4:15 make up artist: CUUUT, your hair isn't THAT cool. Come here!!!

  25. Just download "Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool"…. 2 clicks & you're done

  26. thx did all this for new pc im making first pc build hope it works 😀 of course tho nice hair yo

  27. Went to the comments for some help, that was a mistake.

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