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How to repair a broken PVC sprinkler pipe

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This video is about How to repair a broken PVC sprinkler pipe. The most common size is 3/4″ pipe for a standard residential lawn. But you may have a 1/2″ or 1″ pipe, so measure before you buy your parts. I am using Oatey brand Purple Primer and Medium Clear PVC Cement.

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  1. i use two 45° its easier to get the pipe in than two couplers and it still has a path thats not a head on collision

  2. You'll never see me do it that way always have a slip fix on this truck

  3. This is the cheapest way to fix a broken pipe, I used a compress copling @ $18 the easy way.

  4. If the line was straight, I would consider turning the first two elbows 90 degrees so the add on pipe would be at the same elevation and in the same plane as the rest of the line. Doing it your way puts the repair closer to the ground surface. I understand you had to do it that way due to the bend. Great video, tho.

  5. I got lucky with my irrigation leak after seeing standing water near a sprinkler head ….it was a cracked plastic shaft that pops up when the sprinkler is turned on…easy fix!

  6. No better way to fix a pvc pipe

  7. Sorry man that a lot of 90. What a wast and you lose water flow pressure. Not a lot but you still lose.

  8. Wow, great fix thanks for sharing, I was wondering how to do a fix when pvc pipes aren't straight

  9. This appears fairly easy thank you. I am fixing mine for the first time today.

  10. Why didn't you make a straight repair , why 90s and hump going up?

  11. Great video. I repaired one of my pipes the same way years ago and it still holds. I know all the experts will tell you it’s not the right way to do it but, hey, the experts quoted me $280 to repair it.

  12. More like how NOT to repair a water line. Why the eff would you create this video? Just for content and an attempt to satisfy the algorithm?
    Not only did you create unnecessary restriction and turbulence, you also made it impossible to drain the system! Are effing serious?

  13. Excellent! Thank you very much

  14. I looked high and low for your technique…I've got a tight space break and pipe ends weren't able to flex due to surrounding tree roots. This is genius, my application is lateral because my pipe is shallow and I have room away from the root structure. That's great thinking.

  15. I did the whole job (being careful to apply primer and glue generously on every contact surface). Waited 10 min like the can said. Tested and it blew water out of at least two of the joints. Btw, I can't twist the last joint when setting it on.

  16. Every time I make a plumbers u It reminds me of an old school telephone!

  17. Awesome fix!!! Plumbers U is legend!! I always twist the swings on before I glue. Always awkward to twist on swings in limited spaces!!
    Great work!!

  18. Good way to drop your water pressure. 22.5 degree elbows exist.

  19. I use blue rain or shine. Usually I throw it away when it gets “gloppy” as he put it. It should be runny. Also you’re suppose to push the pipe on and make a 1/4 turn and hold it for about 15 sec which he did so bravo. What will tend to happen is the heat from it melting together it’ll try and push it off that’s why you hold it. This method is good if you have bent pipe from some jack leg trenching it wrong or bowing the pipe originally. We call this the 4 90’s method.

  20. I have a gravity drain system to get the most water out of the piping since everything freezes in Michigan so I need to keep the pipe level as possible so two couplings and a short piece of pipe with the stopper removed is my best way.

  21. Here i was spending $ on those expanding pipes to make it fit, when all I had to do was what you did on this video. Thanks for the quick fix tip.

  22. Nice video, really helpful in how to align the pvc pipes. Thx

  23. A question, y that method and not straight ahead??

  24. Great Job! It was exciting to me to see you using this method. It's how I fix most of the leaks I come across. 👍🏻

  25. Good job. Only thing i saw was most of the time head tees are installed with the 1/2” threads on the side not straight up but it gets the job done non the less

  26. So probably not a good idea to bend those pipes?

  27. Just after you said .. "they are to close " ….and adjust the length and push down..
    you didn't turn or twist 1/4 of a turn..neither 90 elbow….why . ?

  28. The long way to do a simple job. All that was required was a couple of couplings and then the length of pipe. Only needed to soften the pipe to get the bend with a heat gun.

  29. You can use street 90s and cut out a step

  30. Nice. But why not turn them completely on their side instead of up then downwards. This interrupts the flow of water

  31. Curious, what PVC pipe using, 200, sch20, sch40 etc…..
    Really interested in knowing as the pvc goes into the fittings so “easily” and I like that.

  32. this is so much more work than necessary. Just get two unions, make one into a slip joint, and cut a tube of PVC to connect the two. Just two parts and way less opportunities for failure than this approach…

  33. You should install the sprinkler before to glue the tee

  34. Good video. Luckily my leak was just a broken riser, easy to replace. A broken PVC pipe would have been a more complicated fix. I should have played with tinkertoys instead of eating Play-Doh in kindergarten.

  35. I just discovered this morning i have a broken line and I have to ask because I new to these kind of repairs but why the elbows instead of just going straight across

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