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How to Repair Over-cut Electrical Outlet!

This is an EASY FIX but if you don’t DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME it will crack down the road. Watch to find out the best way to repair this!!!
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  1. This helped me a ton, thank you!!

  2. Im a landlord so I just use the jumbo face plates

  3. Just go out and buy an extra large wall plate…. ❤

  4. Can you do a 3 sided California patch, for lack of a better description, on this type of problem?

  5. Nice! Hey thanks for the world of knowledge your sharing. I've learned quite a bit from your videos. What size vac have you got pared with that sander?

  6. 1 step- use plaster instead of joint compound.

  7. They should cap off that neutral wire as well. Usually it won’t shock you but you know… things happen

  8. This guy does a job that should take like at least 20 minutes in few days lol

  9. Go all the way around. That’s the part I wouldn’t have done on my own. Good vid. Thank you.

  10. A co-worker wets paper tape to keep it from bubbling. Haven't seen you address this one so far. Have you tested this??

  11. This is every one I have done lol I somehow overcut every single one

  12. I absolutely hate paper tape. How does anyone get good results with paper tape.

  13. This just saved me a lot of headache. As usual, your videos are awesome. Thanks.

  14. How do I fix a ceiling light where the hole is cut too big? My ceiling light dropped out.

  15. I always use quick set initially…no matter how much time you have…. quick set is like concrete once it's set….then come back with regular drywall compound

  16. Question on the tape why did you not use fiber fuse tape?

  17. I learned a trick for fast drying no shrinkage. large fills. Stucco fast patch. Fill and leave it shallow for a thin layer of 5 min. Used it many times and it works every time.

  18. Helpful video Ben.

    Have you made any carpetry videos, or do you only do drywall/plastering work?

  19. Thanks for the info. I’ll be attempting it tomorrow.

  20. Why is paper necessary? Is it because of the shrinkage of the quik-set, causing it to crack?

  21. What was that sander? Where do I get one???🙏

  22. I find your videos so relaxing. Thanks for keeping this awesome channel going, you rock!

  23. wow this is the most convenient video that’s ever popped up in my feed considering i just installed an outlet for the first time and overcut the hole. The Home Depot gods are watching me

  24. I’m not a builder, but my family has built homes, renovated, and DIY most of the simple stuff. I like how you explain everything, and now when i walk around my own home i know why i see what i do. AND I’m not afraid to fix it. Just because someone else built the house it doesn’t mean they took the time/care to remedy the imperfections. Plus i now know a lot more about mud choices, tape options, sanding, etc. Please continue sharing your experience. 👍

  25. Everyone should have a bag of quick-setting mud, I feel like

  26. It's like watching a skilled artist at work

  27. They sell OVERSIZE plates to fix this. someone will touch a live wire with the knife and zap themselves for sure.

  28. How about just an cover oversized plate. I know they make them just for regular receptacles and the square decora. Good luck.

  29. Great video. I just started using the cut out trick using a spiral saw against installed boxes so this vid showed up in my feed at an appropriate time. In the past, I've used oversized plates but you can't get away with them everywhere. They come in 3/8" and 1/2" oversizes; sometimes referred to as medium and jumbo oversize. If it's one isolated plate they work out great.

  30. 5 minute mud , 2 or 3 times. Final coat with all purpose (blue box). Took two hours, most waiting. Simple single sanding the next day.

  31. After all these decades, one would of hoped something other than drywall would of been developed for wall construction. Drywall is way, way too labor intensive. 3-5 days in muddying & sanding just to get paint on a damned wall.

  32. Nice job….but….not exactly what you call an easy fix….kinda drawn out…

  33. Can you do a video ofa corner joint, one wall plaster and the other wall drywall.

  34. I love that vacuum sander you have!!

  35. When you going make more SKATEBOARD RAMPS dude XD

  36. How to drywall an LVL beam? would you use furring strips?

  37. VC I have a solution now. Thank you 😅

  38. I started to back up hole with spray foam ,shave off flush then tape.

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