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How to repair a flat back bead | TIG welding root pass

For information on welders and peripheral devices, please contact the manufacturer to receive a more accurate answer.

Hello everyone.
Most welders have probably experienced root weld failure.
Today, I will introduce you to a simple method to solve flat backbeads.
Although this method is slow, it is a good way to solve the problem, so I hope it helps.
It will be easier to understand if you refer to the video of small waves in the molten pool.
In the future, I will introduce other solutions one by one.
Thank you for watching and have a great week.


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  2. These instructions and principles are important for beginners. I liked the way you worked and explained the lesson in a brief and understandable way. You touched on a number of aspects with the comparison in preference. There was a special character or imprint that was special to you in the way you explained. I wish you success and move forward always. Thanks and appreciation to you.

  3. Yes, one of ways…if inspector not seeing that heat input.😊

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  6. I think that videos with your voice commenting would be better to watch than without any words

  7. блять, какой интернационал здесь апщаицца!
    спасибо автору – thanks! – gracias!

  8. Excelente tutorial maestro, gracias por compartir tanta información y conocimientos, un cordial saludo y por supuesto un merecido like desde Narón (Galicia) 🔝👍🤓

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    도대체 무슨 마법을 부리신건가요?! 🙄

  10. a good result , but would it not have been better to grind all the way through and keyhole the repair , that way you would be sure it had full pen , ??

  11. Было бы интересно посмотреть ремонт корня на трубе, с потолочного положения, именно ремонт провала корня (утяжка, провал, вогнутость шва)🤝

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