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How to Install Apps on your Samsung TV

This video will show you how to install, delete, and move apps on your Samsung smart TV.


  1. I scrolled all the way to the left but I don’t get to the point where I see apps, other than Samsung apps. I am stuck trying to find an app that is not a Samsung app. Can someone help, please 🙏🏻

  2. Absolutely horrible I want fox sports

  3. I have the Samsung tu8000.
    When go to apps I can't find HBO max

  4. does Samsung smart tv need ant for the tv to work channels

  5. My tv dosent Have dous apps i Have a N2500 Samsung tv

  6. I don’t know why but it ain’t working

  7. What model is that TV? Also, does it support AT&T TV? (It will be called DIRECTV Stream later this month)

  8. I have a big issue, mine says storage is full but I have not downloaded anything

  9. I can’t download the fios app. Is anyone else having this problem or have an solution

  10. I have had more problems with the Samsung tv that all other TVs in my house combined. I am currently switching all new TVs to LG. Tired of all the problems with apps and updates.

  11. what if i cant find apps icon at homr

  12. Did not show how to install a new app not appearing in choices

  13. Hulu didnt showed up how?

  14. Thanks for this! My pop has a smart Samsung TV. He lives in another state and I had to try to walk him through downloading HBO Max via FaceTime. We managed to get it loaded, but we couldn't figure out how to EXIT HBO Max when he was done with it. The only option I could find was to hold down the mic button and give a voice command, "Exit." Unlike Netflix, I couldn't find an "Exit" option on the app. Is there another way to exit out of the HBO Max app other than using voice command?

  15. I’m trying to install HBO max on my Samsung but when I go to video and hit that on the app it says error unable to connect Samsung server please try again later it’s been doing that for days and I don’t know what to do can you help???

  16. Brand new Samsung T.v.. I don't see ANYTHING on the screen when I hit the apps. 😔

  17. Can somebody tell me why it doesn’t let me download apps even if I have an account with smart hub ?

  18. Mine doesn’t even have the place to look for Samsung app

  19. Can you install BET + on your Samsung tv

  20. My TV Samsung Crystal UHD 65Inch How To Install in My Tv Help Me

  21. How storage space does the samsung have.

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