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How to Fix iPhone Battery Sudden Drops

If your iPhone battery is suddenly dropping, you will need to fix it by recalibrating your iPhone battery.

iPhone batteries will lose health over time, so older iPhones will not show an accurate percentage.

Once you recalibrate it, it should fix the read-out of your battery percentage.

On newer iPhones, iPhone 11, 12, and 13, this process should be automatic. You can see it under the iPhone battery menu. Access this menu under settings and plug in your iPhone to charge.

Step 1: Drain your iPhone battery until your iPhone dies.

Step 2: Plug in your iPhone and turn it off to charge it. Do this overnight for a full charge.

Step 3: Turn on iPhone and force reset with volume up, volume down, and hold the power button.

Once the iPhone is turned on again, the calibration is complete.

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  1. My battery capacity is 80% I have iPhone 14 pro but it didn’t work for me 😢

  2. My charge is 80% within 10 minutes my battery charge drop in 8% I don’t why

  3. Long story short don’t use iPhones

  4. I dropped my iphone in water and my battery was damaged, they installed an aftermarket non iPhone battery and ever since my phone battery goes up and drops fast and it stays on 1% a long time. Then I turn it off and turn it back on then it’s at 100% then it starts to drop again. Sooo annoying

  5. Didn't work for me, battery still drops from 60 pc to zero

  6. I have an iPhone 13 literally my maximum battery capacity has dropped so fast from 100 percent now down to 90 percent which I find very weird

  7. I lose 0.3% everyday why?


  9. Please hurry up for my phone die when it’s on the charger

  10. But if your phone doesn’t go up to 0% it just die suddenly what will you need to do? Just follow the same procedures?

  11. But if your phone doesn’t go up to 0% it just die suddenly what will you need to do? Just follow the same procedures?

  12. It worked thank u.
    It drained even when I was sleeping and not touching it now it charge faster and I will test the sleep thing but it so much better now thanks

  13. Good god can’t wait to go back to an android

  14. I own an iPhone 11 at max battery 74% which goes from any percentage, could be 70, could be 40, to 12-10% whenever it is unplugged for a charging source. Sometimes immediately, sometimes 5min after, and sometimes in 30min. Then it powers itself off. It also skips when it charges?

  15. Good info. I just replaced the battery on my 2020 SE because it was down to 80% after 2-1/2 years. I would have tried that first, if I had known.

  16. On maximum capacity there’s no number

  17. I have an iPhone 8 and it’s at 80% battery health . I just finished charging the phone to 100% but when I disconnected the phone from the charger for like 3 minutes (it was still showing 100%)it shut down powered back up and powered off again but this time it didn’t go on. I then connected it to the charger and switched it back on but somehow it was at 11%. Could this be a battery problem or is it something else?

  18. I got a new battery for my iPhone 8+ 2w ago and battery still goes up and down

  19. I’m using a iPhone 8 and it drains when I take it off of the charger and my iPhone 8 battery health was 96 percent😢

  20. My shi at a 46 I think I’m cooked

  21. i have an iPhone 5s on iOS 12.4.8

  22. I have problem on 11 pro max my battery health is 97 but problem arises when my battery is on 34 then I left phone for 2 min after then I open iPhone my battery is drop from 34 to 32 what is this problem please anyone can help me out

  23. My 13 pro life battery is 86% it’s decent but by 6 pm I have to charge it. Been looking to just replacing the battery for $89 which isn’t bad. But if I can avoid it I will

  24. Please help me.. My iphone 13 restarts and then it doesn't matter what battery percentage was before the restart directly goes to 10%. Then i have to recharge it

  25. So which charge should use to charge it

  26. Chargin battery overnight is wrong. Just let it charge to 100% and actually take it out asap.

  27. My phone dosent charge pla help it charged and then it didn’t charge again

  28. Is it possible to go back up

  29. If you knew anything about iPhones and batteries in general, you’d know that leaving your device plugged in after it caps battery percentage is inherently horrible for shelf life of batteries. Suggesting to leave the device plugged in over night will age your battery like milk.

  30. I have iPhone 13 pro max with battery health 88 but Today my charge drop down 2percent at a time what is the solution

  31. I have an iPhone X the battery usually dies when it is 11% but after plugging my phone for charging it already has 10% battery and charges from there. Any fix?

  32. I love telephone iphone..SUPER VIDEO

  33. thanks for this video. it was very useful to me.

  34. This didn’t work on my 6S+. My battery says it’s at 100% capacity and healthy but charge indication drop quickly and then it sits at 1% for 1-3 hours.

  35. I have an iPhone xs battery recharged from the American company arison, the battery is on 71% on 3am when I woke up in the morning on 9 am it went down to 40%

  36. My phone (don't worry about which model, it has one camera) drains 4 percentages at a time

  37. I did it this way twice on my 13 pro max
    But I didn’t restart it the same way as you now the battery isnot the same as before 😢

  38. I have mine a few months and it’s at 97% is that ok?

  39. I have iPhone 13pro max it’s been a year and it’s at 94%. And the I charged before I slept it was 100%I wake up and it’s 90%

  40. If my phone have a maximum capacity of 56% does it mean if it charged higher than that percentage does my maximum capacity go down

  41. Im foing to try it im going to say if it works becous i have a iphone 7

  42. I was told few years ago to let it die once every 3 months then charge to 100 percent to calibrate the battery

  43. My phone on the night is 70% when I wake up 1%

  44. And 5:00 my battery is only on 38% why😭😭😭

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