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How To Fix AND Avoid Orange Roots

Orange roots has always been a big hair issue, so in todays video I go over both how to avoid it and how to fix it if its your current hair problem.  I go over the solution for varies hair levels and tones to make sure to get everyone a formula! Thank you for watching!

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  1. Hi there. I have a question. How would you remove roots melts? My client changed her mind and realized that she doesn't like darker roots after we did it. So I'm just wondering if there is any easy way to remove it like color remove it? Will it be too steong or do u have to put foils on roots again. This is a very fresh color . Thanks
    Please help me

  2. How do you stop toner from giving you hot roots? Everytime i use toner it lifts my roots. I use a 10 vol developer.

  3. I like Orange roots not gray white/pale washed out

  4. You’re my favorite! Been watching you for a while now. You always give off such a positive vibe. Seem to be very beautiful & genuine person.
    I think this video will help me a lot! I’ve always been blonde, lifting the hair prior to coloring it seemed unnecessary. You explained it so now I understand what was happening to my color at the roots. I was always using ash/blue/violet colors so it’s so frustrating to end up brassy after a hand full of washes! Thank you! 😊

  5. you're not serious when you make that without gloves ^^

  6. I've watched so many and I just don't undastnd but your actually getting through to me your speaking my language hun I bleached a money piece on to my dyed balayage and I bleached a bit of the roots but I feel confident to have another go x

  7. I Want to tone my hair without lifting the regrowth . Have Wella toner t12 gray and 10 vol developer.. my regrowth is salt and pepper trying to grow out my salt and. Pepper. Is it possible just to tone

  8. How to get a summary brown from red brown color pigment

  9. looks easy and this video is very helpful 
    thank you for the up close only 
    I thought my roots were too dark to do baby lights 💯

  10. I have a lot of grays. Can I use 4nn + 6na for an ash tone? My roots are dark

  11. HELP! I went from virgin dark brown hair to a heavy amount of bright blonde highlights a few weeks ago. I loved it. However I had to get it retoned because the underneath was several shades lighter than the top. After she retoned it and dried it, the blonde now looks like a brassy dark blonde or brown. I hate it. WHAT DO I DO to get it back without resending my hair???!!! My wedding is next week 😢

  12. Hi, i put a wella permanant colour on my hair , 12/81 , but it obviously made my grey hair really purply ash colour, can i use a toner to get tge grey to blend in with the overall.blonde colour of my hair, and if so what colour would you recommend?

  13. You are always my hair goals. 😍

  14. Okay, I really need help…

    I can't find a single video where somebody has had orange roots after bleaching and also using an ashy toner.

    I've been using blue and purple shampoo and I've tried toning it after a month and it again didn't take to the toner.

    I just don't know how to get the orange to go away because the end of my hair has blonde highlights and the top has orange highlights.

  15. You lost me moving on all the levels some don’t know all that language 😊

  16. Great video but i'm still wondering… within a few weeks the toner washes out, and then you're left with the lift you had underneath, and there cones the brass again. So is'nt that the same problem really?

  17. Thank you so much . I had protein on my hair( keratin) and my hair became orangy. I dyed my hair it after 3 days with 5.11 , it became dark, again today I colored it with 9.12 still the same darkness maybe a very little of a touch of brown some places . Why?? 😫 till now I payed like 100$ I didn’t go to the hairdresser because it will cost me about 350$ the lowest price here in Denmark . What should I do 😫 please I need a help. I don’t want to you use so much money every time without fixing the color. I want to make it high light cold platin blond . Please I need help 🙏🙏🙏

  18. You put an after picture up but it's not in the video!! Nor are the names and colors of the actual product. Wasted time I'll never get back

  19. I am new to hair coloring and am watching your videos. Do you rinse the color or bleach off before doing the root tap?

  20. I need major help! I'm a cosmetologist doing my own hair. But I've never gone this blonde before. And need help correcting the blonde over-toner ends and the orange midlength/nape sections and hot root. Ahh lol!! How do we correspond? I need to fix it soon!

  21. what products and level toners are being used?

  22. I cannot thank you enough!! I know these videos are not at all as easy to film, edit & post, as some people may think. I love the way your hair is colored!! I WAS trying to achieve similar results & I ended up with warm kinda orangey (not a word I know,lol) roots & ash ends!!YIKES!!😵 Of course I have somewhere to be tomorrow morning.. thank goodness for baseball caps,🤣🤣🤣!! On my way home, I will most definitely be stopping to purchase more products!! I've watched a few more of your videos and took notes. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!💞💯💞

  23. I am In ugly warm hair hell!!! I will bring this to my hair dresser and pray 🙂 I wish I could just have you do it <3 My hair has been a problem for me for toooooo looooooong. I am turning 52 soon and I would love to finally stay happy with my hair color. I invest to much time and $ only to like my hair for the first week. Fingers toes crossed. Thank you <3

  24. so what do you do now to get it blonde instead of yellow?

  25. Thank you! That brassy orange is unacceptable!

  26. Ugh I'm tired of paying 120$ + at the salon and the roots are just orange !

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