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How to fix Dyson pulsing and stopping – Battery

This is how to fix a common problem of pulsing and stopping with Dyson stick vacuum cleaners. This will work for all cordless dyson handheld vacuum cleaners.Although dirty filters and obstructions can cause the vacuum cleaner to not operate as it should the biggest issue is usually with the battery no longer holding charge. As a result the battery does not lasts long and will randomly turn off. Replacement of the battery takes minutes and is very cheap and easy to do it yourself DIY for around $30.

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  1. At the 5 minute mark……….Mine doesn’t have that screw on the inside ??…..

  2. My battery lasts about 30 minutes on low. And immediately starts pulsing on Max, would this still be a battery issue?

  3. I've ordered my new battery, and hoping this helps! thanks for the very clear video!

  4. I have a DC 44 type a version and that doesn’t require you to use a screwdriver to remove the battery. There’s a push button that releases the battery on a type a unit.

  5. Thank You, Thank You! I watched your video and gave it a thumbs down. After viewing the easy-to-follow instructions, I cleaned my Dyson Stick Vaccuum according to your video and my vacuum cleaner worked like new. I went back to the video and clicked on the thumbs up button. Again, THANK YOU for your clear instructions. 👍

  6. Super long video just to say …..get new battery cuz that's why it turns off 😊

  7. Awesome just ordered my new battery ❤😊

  8. Helped this grandma out! my dyson is now running like a charm! thank you so much.

  9. Sweet! It worked for mine. Thanks for making me look awesome in front of the wife! 😂😂

  10. I've taken my Dyson completely apart and thoroughly cleaned everything. I've even cleaned the vacuum motorhead and all electrical contacts and I still have the same problem. I've run it without the cyclone head and have the same issue. For this Dyson model cleaning alone usually works, but I'd say It's battery time for me! Thanks for the video.

  11. Great video but could have been 2minutes

  12. I feel so fkn stupid 😂😂😂 of course it’s the HEPA filter I haven’t cleaned the thing since I got it. Thing feels brand new now 😂 btw I have a Samsung Jet, this is just good advice for all stick vacuums

  13. so good! i thought i'd have to buy a new vac… thanks bill ✊ legend…

  14. Excellent and to the point instruction. Thank you very much

  15. My Dc35 pulsates on low only . fully clean the unit with soap and water, including the filter and lubricate that black flap that’s right inside the mouth of the canister with WD-40 and wipe clean . that flap should move back-and-forth like something flapping in the wind there should be no resistance at all

  16. Thanks very much for your really easy to follow instruction vid.
    First and foremost I'm going to give my Dyson a thorough clean (it stinks anyway: we have a dog!). But sure by giving it a proper clean will help.
    Then I'll get a new battery from Amazon 🇬🇧.
    And if that fails it'll have to be an "Oh well…" because last think I want to do is spend a bomb on repairs.
    Really like this as it's lightweight and I can clean the stairs with it so easily. But best of all it's cordless!
    Got a corded Dyson we've had for about 7yrs. The dog's broke it twice so this is it's lot if he attacks it again. We'll just cut off the cord and park it by his bed cos we believe he actually thinks its a moving/talking/breathing/smelling creature😂!!

  17. Thanks!!! It was very helpful.

  18. Thanks for not putting new battery in the title. I thought you got a solution for someone who tried the usual

  19. Nice one Bill. Very informative

  20. I.habe this problem and I've gotten 2 New batteries and it still does it. Could never use MAX speed, it would die quickly. Ill.never buy another Dyson, Lord knows I could have bought a new one with all the batteries I've replaced.

  21. Oh thank you so much for doing this. I really thought I was gonna have to buy a new dyson and the prices for someone like me are outrageous. That being said, I haven't tried the fix yet. However, now that I know how to remove and replace the battery (if necessary, after cleaning unit) I'm no longer daunted. Wishing you only good karma…

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