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do THIS NOW before Pet Simulator 99 RELEASE…

there is A LOT of NEWS from Preston Big Games & Pet Simulator X so do THIS NOW before Happy Pet Game Pet Simulator 99 RELEASES…
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Originally posted 2023-11-20 04:50:48.


  1. I feel bad for people that spend thousands of money on psx then all of the sudden there is a new pet simulator game and might not even get the huges and titanics you had in the last game

  2. i saw the were back video i remember it, coylist just talks about being back to the game because he had not posted for a few months. nothing special, i didnt know it would get deleted sad i didnt record it 🙁 i think coylist just gives away huge pets

  3. I have the Rey lclc is perston

  4. Just 1.48M players online? Blox fruits got over 2 million

  5. I think the huge pets have to be yours to transfer, with your serial and your name to show that you redeemed the pet, because it says “your pets will transfer if you didn’t trade it away”

  6. I love it that i Transfer huge from pet sim x to pe sim 99

  7. Do we keep the diamonds for the next pet sim game?

  8. uhh didnt they say ur CODES would transfer.?

  9. Bro no way they actually are naming it ‘happy pet game’

  10. hi LcLc i hope you see this commend but if you do could you sent me a pet simulator x plushie? i want one real bad but there sold out and its to expensive for me to buy it so i hope you see this and i sleep with them

  11. another day another victory for the ogs, taking down the sweats, imposter among us🗣️🫡

  12. Its December 1st pet sim 99

  13. Honestly, i think there won’t be a lot of gambling

  14. sorry i was 5 days late but keep the content going

  15. Lclc, so do I transfer all exclusive and huge pets to the new game before pet Sim x closes? 5:26

  16. They should add the ability to have us transfer our pets in PSX to Happy Pet Game

  17. I cant wait Man i cant wait im too excited

  18. but the problem is that blox feruits got 2.4 m players

  19. Didnt Blox Fruits get like 3m concurrent players? How did blox fruits not win?

  20. At least it didn’t take 7 years like geometry dash

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