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(FREE) Quadeca – “i didn't mean to haunt you” Type Beat

You can use my beats on ALL platforms, please just tag me when possible. Keep Content ID or any copyright option off when distributing music with my beats. Any who fail to do so will get copyrighted. (Rights Protected under CC Creative Commons License)

》BPM 110, F# Minor
》Breakdown (Optional Following)
0:00 – 0:39 (Intro)
0:39 – 1:05 (Chorus)
1:05 – 2:15 (Verse 1)
2:15 – 2:41 (Bridge)
2:41 – 3:33 (Verse 2)
3:33 – 4:00 (Chorus)
4:00 – 4:22 (Outro)

•Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oklasky_/
•Main YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/Oklaskymusic
•Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4FOHylmN4uY1U1wkU9oONJ?si=Wi9VCcujSaejNmgdyv7Q8g&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1


Originally posted 2023-11-20 04:06:45.


  1. Bruh can you please upload the unmastered beat somewhere in google drive and then give that link. Its really difficult to mix in an mastered beat

  2. Good beat. from the 2 singles he’s released that are supposed to be on his album (born yesterday and tell me a joke), this beat doesn’t really give me the same type of vibe or sound as those songs.

  3. I really really dig it, but truthfully I could never imagine me or anyone else coming close to an exact replica of a beat this man could make. Sisyphus was 800+ layers!!! That's absolutely insane. But I really hope in the future Quad gets the light he deserves, truly talented, and an amazing example of "maturing rappers" even back from wii music fire I was in love with the music.

  4. BRO THIS IS AMAZING!!! I’m definitely gonna try something with this. Thank you for giving me a fantastic beat, hope you have a wonderful day fr.

  5. Whered you get all the sound fx?

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