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How to fix your Samsung Galaxy A20 with screen flickering issue

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy A20 with screen flickering issue?

The thing about the screen flickering issue is that it occurs to any smartphone regardless of the model. That seems to be the case with some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20. This problem could be a minor issue with the firmware or it could be a sign of a serious hardware problem. It may be difficult to determine what this issue is all about without troubleshooting your phone.

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  1. Thank you very Much, the force restart method worked. I did not even know that I was seeing the right video for my problem

  2. My problem on my samsung a20 phone is when I played a game like shooting games or moba games. When I tap using my 2 finger. The joystick won't cooperate well like when I tap to skill in moba games, The left side on my finger won't tap very well. I really think it's my screen phone issue when I play every games. I hope this fix even without any repair on my screen. Just to fix something in

  3. The hole world make things that BREAK otherwise the hole economy would BREAKdown gehehehe was a nice video AND i think i will take my phone to the shop to get a clear and hole makeover 😀 thnx for all the info you gave !!

  4. Bruh ..,it won’t even let me unlock my phone

  5. Your first Advice helped. I was able restart phone and there is No flickering. I’m new Samsung user.

  6. Help please, since the first update on my Samsung a20, my lockscreen display and settings are non-functional. I can't change clockstyles or even edit them… I can't even update the lock screen or select the "About lockscreen" option.

    Recently, when I installed the new updates (3 months back) the lockscreen (updates) looks too large for my screen… It's like my lockscreen zoomed in. The entire effect is annoying.

    Please help, and the lockscreen option seems to be the only issue

  7. Thankkkk u so much.. It's really works huhuhu

  8. When I press reset shall I press delete all?

  9. wahhhhhhhh thank you so much, it really fix my phone

  10. My Samsung A20s phone screen keeps turning on and off even if the power button is not pressed. Whats wrong? My battery is used up in just a short period of time.

  11. I did the reset and it was still flickering

  12. will i lose my gmail data and anything important if i reset?

  13. My mum phone was flickering I try resetting it logo didn’t come on Samsung 20e

  14. My phone just randomly turned off and when I try to turn it on the charging symbol comes up(because I'm charging it) and then out of nowhere the screen flickers and turns off

  15. Can you do one for Samsung Galaxy A10e please


  17. Is this screen issue? It will replace screen?? Or just hardware problem… thanks

  18. My phone drop off my pocket and now my whole phone is flickering like i dont see a thing

  19. I think they purposely make it so these phones break after a while. Otherwise, the phone companies would never make money

  20. Bro When Phone Is Rebooted It Works Well But When The Screen Timeout reaches It Flickers Screen
    Help Me I Tried Many Tips But Still Tricks Are Not Working Help Me

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