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WOOWWWEEE! If these cars don’t get you hyped up then I don’t know what will! Damian and Brantley came out to VA to have some fun! Enjoy!
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Originally posted 2023-11-17 08:51:04.


  1. who’s the other sterling grey with the grey wheels ?

  2. Looks like you hang out at that guy's house a lot. Does he still have his Shadow2V? I tried to ping him to purchase it… but I don't think he check his youtube channel much ROFL

  3. Fuck that guy with the bagged cobra. Ive asked him several times on IG about some info on his car and he just skips over my comments.

  4. Chevy is junk period the end.

  5. Wish I had mustang loving friends like you guys. Nice video bro

  6. Follow @99Slowbruhh on Instagram! I follow back.

  7. Your buddy spanky looks like Danny McBride

  8. That silver termi stanced hard asf.

  9. that terminator is freakin deadly….

  10. I'll take the mustang GT

  11. all that dog hair on your jacket bothers me way more than it should.

  12. Azul!! :'-D
    Corvette is the only Chevy I like!

  13. # That supercharger on that "04 sounded lovely._💞😍

  14. It’s cooling seeing to buddy’s of mine in one of your video. Keep the great content man!

  15. Still have my 2001 Bullitt mustang and I love when I see new edges being treated with love. I want to bag mine now.

  16. Sell the corvette an terminator swap blue!

  17. It never gets old hearing the Terminators. They sound so damn good

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