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Import an MP3 into Logic Pro X and Sync With Click Track


Originally posted 2023-11-17 05:56:52.


  1. Buonasera. Grazie, grazie, grazie infinite. Peró l'importazione del file audio deve essere mp3 convertito a m4a come formato itune. L'mp3 logic non lo sincronizza bene. Ti sono grato. Accetto suggerimenti. Modesto saluti
    English by google translate:
    Good evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. However, importing the audio file must be mp3 converted to m4a as itune format. The mp3 logic doesn't sync it well. I am grateful to you. I accept suggestions. Modest greetings

  2. Thank you very much. I need listen base import mp3 song and recor my manyv tracks word, listening track of import mp3. Now i recording listen mp3 prefereded. Regard Modesto

  3. This vid really helped me. Thank you!

  4. It’s crazy how powerful the Logic software is!
    Thanks for that video. I might have to use this information when I import drum tracks into my projects coming up shortly.

  5. Great video. I was able to import easily with your directions. Just question your comment about downbeats. In four-four time, counts one and three are downbeats. Counts two and four are upbeats.

  6. Thank you for clearly and quickly breaking this down!

  7. Thank you for this! I'm new to Logic and it's stuff like this is exactly what I need for working with artists' material.

  8. Agreed this is a valuable tip, very helpful. Great content, and straight forward delivery. Cheers!

  9. Bro you are an amazing guide! thank you so much for giving the intro on how to add an mp3 file! i was looking everywhere and i couldnt find anywhere a good guide but omg thank you so sooo much for this vid! i already subscribed into your channel and i liked the video! THANK YOU SOOO SOO MUCH! NOW i will remove the vocals of this song that i wanted to add thank you so much bro!

  10. So helpful. Thank you for sharing. Had no idea these options existed. Keep up the great work.

  11. I DO AS SUGGESTED AND IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. i am losing my mind. What could I be doing wrong???😢

  12. man everytime i open a beat in logic, logic destroys it, this is crazy that's why I like adobe audition never have to do all this crap

  13. Hey, how do I play the audio song/file that I import into Logic x pro because it doesn’t play? Is there like a option in settings where it actually makes the aiming okay??

  14. Hey dude, I’ve currently got a situation where it looks like my signals are incorrect. There is only one signal coming up and not to green bars as usual. When I speak into the microphone. The audio bar normally has two green indicators at the moment I am currently only seeing one I have changed a few settings recently, but unable to remember what I currently change to. Do you know a source where I can easily sort this problem out. Many thanks thank you

  15. You don't need logic for this, you can do this on serato and much quicker. Try doing this with a track that was made with instruments and not a beat machine and does not stay at the same consistent tempo. You can't do that on logic, you need Ableton so you can time warp.

  16. Thank you so much you solved a two a 5 min problem that I was working on for 5 hrs Yesterday😅 (but hey progress I guess)

  17. Mine does not do that. I get no analyzing, not adjusting of tempo. Mine keeps going back to the file folder and keeps asking me to import the file and it has already gone into the project. But it hasn't adjusted the tempo. And I can't get out by clicking cancel, it keeps asking for the file. over and over and I have to quit the program. Any ideas???

  18. Hmmmm doesn’t work. When I use these settings and import an MP3 files, it’s been played like „timewrap“.
    Ive tried it with import and with drop to timeline …. same.
    Where’s my problem ?

  19. This was great. In my track, there was a variable tempo but to make life simpler I changed the tempo setting to Constant instead. Not sure if that was the right thing to do, but it would be an interesting topic to cover as not everything is recorded to a click track.

  20. I tried this like 5x and it hasn’t worked once

  21. Awesome tutorial. Compact and to the point. Thanks!

  22. Hey there, one question, sometimes I import an mp3 to Logic but it doesn't add the full audio, just part of it, how could I fix that? Thanks 🙂

  23. Hi I followed your example with the song Boston (more than a feeling). Logic analyzed the audio tracks (have different ones for different instruments). BPM sort of varies in the individual measures. I am struggling to create a click track. The metronome seems to sound reasonably fine. How do I line up the "1" or downbeat? I am not a drummer. Thanks!

  24. for some reason when I add the track after changing the tempo setting, the track still won't show up on logic :/

  25. why mine is going super fast? can you help me please?

  26. That’s not working for me importing my beat

  27. Really useful tutorial, many thanks for posting :0)

  28. What YouTube converter website do you guys recommend without getting redirected

  29. anyone having trouble with importing the audio file to Logic i just switched to a different youtube converter website hope this helps someone !

  30. What if you wanted to use orchestration from 60s music but the original orchestration tempo fluctuates because they didn't have metronome back then? Say for instance eleanor Rigby or sgt pepper by Beatles?

    Any way a program can take the mp3 file and fix tempo on the track without changing pitch?

  31. I did everything you told me to do then when I hit import and select my file literally nothing happens. How the loading bar and file pops up on your computer, when I do that it just goes straight back to the track screen without loading or importing anything. Can you help me figure out what's wrong.

  32. my Problem is there is no Smart tempo on my logic pro how can i set it

  33. I did what you told me to do the problem is my LOGIC X PRO won’t let me important anything how can I fix this issue ???

  34. Thanks so much! So helpful!

  35. Great video. Hi, im encountering the similar issue. B4 I would be able to convert YouTube tracks and then import into logic, now it does not work. Do you know how to fix? thank you.

  36. hi!! Thanks for the help so far. I have another question: I want to 'drag' multiple audio files into a new project. It seems that logic can't handle that anymore (since the new Mac update I heard?). Logic seems to convert it in a very high en quick audio file. Can anybody help me with this problem? I'm almost that far that I want to throw my computer out of the window, thanks!!

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