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UTAU Tutorial ・How to make Jinriki voicebanks!

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How to make Jinriki voicebanks!
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I honestly did this without a script. i feel so awkwardHAAHFUWIOGFGUW
Though i am glad that i am making this;; had to do this,,,well,,somehow????
I do hope this helps in any way possible!!! I am so sorry for the background noise;;

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♡ Discord Server:: https://discord.gg/2APwvZDdAN
♡ Audacity :: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/
♡ YT MP3 :: https://ytmp3.cc/youtubetomp3/
♡ Vocal Isolation :: https://vocalremover.org/


Originally posted 2023-11-16 14:40:22.


  1. Can u make a tut for how to make an eng jinriki utau?
    I cant find any so it would help alot;-;

  2. Omg i made like a whole voicebank without autoing any lines! I feel so dumb but thank you so much for showing this!

  3. Could you make a tutorial like this fof OpenUTAU? Or can you just do the same method?

  4. I’m currently trying to make a jinkiri utau (for the 5th time since the other ones got scrapped). And I don’t know how to find the letters or something that isn’t muffled/gargled or sounding like the audio (even with moresampler) on utau. I’m not sure if it’s a oto problem but eh

    I’m using jp voicelines and it’s also kinda hard to cut the thing since alot of the words are kinda “connected” and I also don’t rlly know how to find the hiragana letters
    i don’t rlly know how to explain it

  5. gonna try to make a peter griffin utau

  6. Have my own computer. Can you give a program to make jinriki utau?

  7. So glad you posted this! I'm working on making Jinrikis of the characters from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, but the vocal isolator completely butchered the scene I was trying to pull Vinny's audio from, making it sound like it was being said through an old telephone (and not even getting rid of about half of the background music.) Do I have to use the weird vocoded-sounding version the tool gave me, or should I try only getting syllables from where the background music is quietest?

  8. I would like to know how you did so well with tuning usts 🙂

  9. Thanks for making the tutorial 🙂 I used REAPER the last time I made a Jinriki. The only big advantage is that when you clip things smaller, the clips become little boxes you can drag and drop easier!

  10. tbh,i actually use sony vegas instead of audacity to cut my syllables and i don't use tips as my resampler because it makes my voicebanks sound more clear. but nonetheless good tutorial,i may make my own version soon.

  11. ¿can you do numberblocks jinriki voicebanks downloads?

  12. I’ve seen at least 3 utau jinriki tutorials with this being the third. Also you’re correct about otoing it properly like a normal voicebank

  13. anyway, about the utau program being corrupted, is the pc locale changed to japan and is the grouping + decimal symbol a dot? changing these and (maybe, only if it doesn't change anything) uninstalling + reinstalling can help!!

  14. ok im just saying this now. i sound like a messHAHAAUHUFIWGWFGUI /lh

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