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Southern Pacific 4449 80th Birthday Celebration (Happy Birthday 4449!)

Today marks 80 years since the Southern Pacific GS-4 4449 rolled out of the Lima Locomotive Works in Ohio. 10 days later it would enter service, and 80 years later, it’s the most well known steam engine on both coasts of the United States, the most photographed steam engine according to a 2010 survey, and the second most famous locomotive next to the Flying Scotsman (and Thomas The Tank Engine). In that long span of time, 4449 has went through all sorts of situations, moments of happiness and tragedy, grim conflicts and modernization, events, travelled millions of miles of track, and made world records. Despite the 4449 being somewhat overrated, there’s no denying the engine is a remarkable one, and hopefully will rule the rails of Portland, Oregon for generations to come.

Credits: Colorized 4449 picture by RMS Olympic on Deviantart (No I don’t have a DA account nor do I look at concerning crap), Trainz models of the GS class, FEF-3, Big Boy, AFT and Daylight consists from Jointed Rail, Trainzforge, and the Download Station. Photos and videos of 4449, SP&S 700, OR&N 197, PM 1225, NKP 765, etc. belong to their rightful owners.

Music: God Bless The Child by Billie Holiday, Blue In Green by Miles Davis, and Running With The Wolves by Courtney Jenaé and Adam Grahn.

Softwares Used: MacBook Pro, IPad Pro 2019, QuickTime Player, Airdrop, Safari, YTMP3 Converter, and Trainz: A New Era SP4.


Originally posted 2023-11-16 14:31:50.


  1. This is my favorite (and first) locomotive that I’ve ever seen, and it’s a miracle that it’s still preserved today.

  2. Feliz Aniversário SP 4449 Daylight

  3. Long live the king of steam. I also got to go to Oregon this summer to see it.

  4. Happy b day I really I get to see you irl

  5. Happy Birthday, GS-4 Daylight. (SP 4449)

  6. Hey that's my bday to I'm now 15

  7. happy B day to 4449 one week ago. I've seen 4449 in person it is a amazing engine.

  8. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  9. To think they will soon be 100

  10. Holy craparoni
    That’s old (yes that’s a reference to one of the comments u made one of my most viewed videos

  11. Happy birthday Southern Pacific 4449! She has quite the history!

  12. Happy birthday to my favorite locomotive from my childhood.

  13. Happy birthday Southern Pacific 4449 my favorite steam locomotive

  14. Happy 80th Birthday to 4449, my favorite excursion star

  15. Happy birthday Southern Pacific 4449!

  16. Happy birthday 4449! 20 years down the line the 4449 will be 100.

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